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Tuesday 9 February

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  • Heartbroken owner of sunken narrowboat stunned by £25,000 donation from anonymous Samaritan mirror.co.uk

    A hero narrowboat owner who was heartbroken when it sank after smashing into a bridge was stunned after receiving a £25,000 anonymous donation from a wellwisher. The boat belonged to John Simmonds who suffers from Asperger’s and was distraught to find it submerged in the Thames at Oxford. Mr Simmonds said he had only left his £60,000 boat for half an hour to get some lunch and believed it was subject to sabotage which caused it to crash. ...

Monday 8 February

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  • Stranded Oxford narrow boat lifted from Thames by crane bbc.co.uk

    A narrow boat stranded for four days after crashing in the River Thames has finally been hoisted out the water by a crane. The Environment Agency pulled the 25-tonne boat out of the river after using a digger to clear its path. The vessel, One Old Peculiar, was one of two boats that came loose on Monday and crashed into Botley Bridge....

  • ‘Canal is looking like its usual self’ say Sowerby Bridge volunteers halifaxcourier.co.uk

    Volunteers came together to clear up and repair the 
flood hit towpaths and waterways of Calderdale last weekend A task force of helpers rallied around at Sowerby Bridge wharf to spend a day fixing problems that arose on the Rochdale Canal following the damage caused by the deluge on Boxing Day....

Thursday 4 February

Today's news from the web

  • Oxford narrow boat to be winched from river bbc.co.uk

    Engineers are attempting to winch a stranded narrowboat out of the River Thames after several previous methods to remove it have failed. The Environment Agency has tried pumping water and towing it with a tractor after it came adrift in Oxford. It is one of two boats that came loose on Monday. It has crashed into Botley Bridge causing an obstruction. Russell Robson, waterway operations team leader, said he was "optimistic" the latest attempt would work....

  • Thieves cross Erewash canal at night to steal canaries from Ilkeston aviary ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk

    Canary thieves went by boat across a canal to raid a Derbyshire aviary at night. They broke a lock, jammed 12 birds in three small cages and made the perilous journey back across the Erewash Canal. They made the bizarre approach because bird fancier John White has tight security at the front of his Ilkeston home....

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