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Friday 3 February

Picture of the day: The Ashby Canal mini-boat

We have no idea at which waterways festival this photo was taken, but clearly it was in a different era of health & safety consciousness!  Does this boat still exist, and is it still used as a trip boat?

Andrew Denny  | 11.24am | 1 comment

Saturday 21 January

Picture of the day: In the archives - 'dead policemen' at Hatton Locks

A sign at (we think) Hatton Locks. When did 'sleeping policeman' become 'dead'? 
We aren't sure when this photo ended up in the archives, or where it came from, but our guess is the 1970s.

Andrew Denny  | 7.31pm | add a comment

Monday 2 January

Picture of the day: How many BW workers does it take to fix a lock?

In an undated photo from the WW archives, eight (count 'em) BW staff insert stop planks at  Buckby Top Lock, prior to repairs.

Andrew Denny  | 10.32am | 1 comment

Tuesday 6 December

Picture of the day: TV detector van afloat

How many liveaboard boaters buy a TV licence, especially continuous cruisers? It's unlikely anyone's ever done a survey, and since it's nigh-on impossible for ordinary people to speak to a human within the TV Licensing Authority, it's unlikely we'll find out what they are thinking or doing about it. 

Last week we came across this undated, uncaptioned photo in the WW archives, showing a 1980s TV licence van crossing on what looks like a Norfolk Broads chain ferry.  Any guesses as to the location and date? 

It set me thinking a cascade of questions, starting with "What would a dedicated TV detector boat look like?", passing through "Would the TVLA  investment be worthwhile", and finishing with "Would we be forgiven by liveaboard boaters without a TV licence for drawing the TVLA's attention to this extra, untapped source of licence money?"

Andrew Denny  | 11.49am | 2 comments

Thursday 1 December

Picture of the day: Which Rochdale bridge?

After more than a year working at Waterways World, I've finally opened a hitherto-unnoticed door, and discovered the paper photo archive files, dating back to the magazine's founding in 1972 (and in some cases, even earlier). Where copyright permits,I'll scan some of these and post them daily for your delectation. 

Today, a bridge from the Rochdale Canal in 1983, pre-restoration. Can you guess the location? 


Andrew Denny  | 3.54pm | 2 comments

Thursday 26 June

Picture of the day: The Bond End Canal

"What's all this then?" The late Harry Hines, Hugh Potter, and others examine the top lock on the Bon End Canal, close to WW's former offices in Kottingham House in Burton-on-Trent. Parts of the structure were incorporated into the present dry dock at Shobnall Basin.

(Apologies that we haven't been able to post a new picture every day this week - illness in the WW office has left us short-staffed.)

Richard Fairhurst  | 6.14pm | add a comment

Friday 20 June

Picture of the day: Caldon commercial

In the 1970s, pottery manufacturer Johnson Brothers of Stoke-on-Trent realised that the carriage of delicate china ware between their different factory sites would be less damaging if carried out by water on the adjacent Caldon Canal. Using two purpose-built catamaran-style vessels, crates of china were carried around a quarter of a mile.

So successful was the project that catamarans Milton Maid and Milton Queen were supplemented by the more conventional-style narrowboat Milton Princess, seen here on its inaugural run in 1979. The operation carried on until 1995 when Milton Maid carried the last load from Johnson’s Imperial Works to the Eagle Works. Imperial Works closed shortly afterwards and was demolished.

Chris Daniels  | 2.59pm | 1 comment

Thursday 12 June

Picture of the day: An early workparty on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Volunteers during an early 1970s workparty on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal beginning to realise 'the impossible dream'.

Chris Daniels  | 11.51am | add a comment

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