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Corrections and clarifications

The Guardian newspaper has, for several years, carried an admirable 'Corrections and clarifications' column, a place for them to own up when they get something factually wrong.

Indeed, it's quite a popular feature of the newspaper now. You can read some of their favourites from 2009 online. The best of the bunch:

A misprint meant that anybody essaying the macaroni salad recipe at the end of a food piece would have had even more grounds than the late Elizabeth David to detest this dish. As a reader wrote: "Try 'peas' instead of 'pears'. Better?"

I hope we can't match that. But, yes, WW makes mistakes too and we should correct them. The Guardian can issue a correction the next day: we can't manage that with a monthly magazine. We can, of course, be a little more timely with our website, and will do so from this issue onwards. WW readers are never shy to tell us when we've got something wrong and we hope you'll continue in that tradition.

January 2010

Last-minute reflows caused a couple of articles to lose their final words. John Liley's column was missing the words "...it is a breath of fresh air". In Mark Baldwin's piece on Tom Rolt, page 57 lost the words "...intentions, but failing to meet initial aspirations."

Olga Kevelos's death was wrongly reported as 1st October; it was in fact the 28th.

March 2010

In our story about the Cotswold Canals on page 44, we wrote of Upper Mills Bridge that "the Cotswold Canals Trust is running the £200,000 project". We should have said that the project, according to CCT's website, is being organised by CCT and Stroud District Council; sorry to SDC for missing them out. The appeal is being run by CCT, and is for £400,000.

Diana Organ, new Trustee of the Waterways Trust, is vice-president rather than vice-chair of the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust, a mistake we carried over from the original Waterways Trust press release.

April 2010

The picture in the news pages of 'Aldermaston Wharf' was in fact of Hungerford Wharf. The lock under repair on the Chesterfield Canal was part of the isolated, but navigable, section leading to Chesterfield itself.

Tuesday 9 February  | Richard Fairhurst  | 10.50am, Tuesday 9 February 2010

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