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From the archive: Dancing on a Black Prince boat

Different times, different mores. Girls dancing on a early Black Prince boat.Check out not just the hairstyles, dress code and marketing ideas, but the more relaxed attitude to safety! 
It won't be too difficult for waterways enthusiasts to work out when and where.  

Friday 2 December  | Andrew Denny  | 2.39pm, Friday 2 December 2011


Is that Northwich on the Weaver? - though why I am looking at the buildings is a complete mystery to me.
I am delighted you have sorted out a comments function Andrew.

Capt Ahab  | 9.37PM, Monday 5 December

Brightened up my day!

Rob Wilson  | 7.51AM, Tuesday 6 December

Perfectly sensible get-up to wear boating... ;)

Mark Langley  | 11.49AM, Tuesday 6 December

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