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Sharpness locals protest at 400 ft wind turbine plans

Local boaters and residents at Sharpness are protesting at plans by British Waterways to install a giant 400 ft wind turbine in the old Sharpness docks area. 

"We feel very strongly about this. It will ruin the view of the estuary and stand out like a sore thumb", the owners of Sharpness Marina Alan Crowhurst and Brian Williams were reported as saying in local paper Gloucester Citizen. 

The giant wind turbine would be installed on Sharpness dock island, currently owned by British Waterways. It could produce enough electricity for between 736 to 1,226 households a year, and is part of a renewable energy programme by BW in conjunction with Partnerships for Renewables.

A former mayor of the nearby village of Berkeley, Valerie Watts, said: "It sounds rather intensive. A smaller one away from houses might be better. I am not against wind turbines, but they have to be the right size." 

Friday 30 December  | Andrew Denny  | 11.24am, Friday 30 December 2011

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