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Minister calls for more money for Caledonian Canal crossing

UK Treasury minister Danny Alexander has called on the Scottish government to ensure that the proposed crossing of the Caledonian Canal by the new Inverness bypass is properly funded, so that it does not affect navigation. 

Alexander, as the local MP, said that enough money should be found so that the 'best option' could be chosen for boaters as well as road users.

Highland Council is currently consulting on eight possible solutions for a crossing. They include building a second swing bridge over the canal close to the existing swing bridge at Tomnahurich, which causes long road tailbacks at peak times whenever a boat passes through. The second swing bridge would allow traffic to continue to flow, but present an extra barrier to boaters. 

After this, and other cheaper options, were criticised the council suggested either a high-level bridge spanning both the canal and the River Ness, or and an aqueduct and tunnel. Both options would be much more expensive but less obstructive to boats. However, the council said they are unaffordable. 

Monday 9 January  | Andrew Denny  | 12.29pm, Monday 9 January 2012

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