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Crinan Canal improvements

Scotland's busiest inland waterway, the nine-mile Crinan Canal, is expected to see continued growth in 2012, helped by two new developments. 

The newly separate British Waterways Scotland will now offer assisted lock operation for boats with only one or two people on board, while the new Crinan facilities building will be opening this summer as part of the European INTERREG IVA Sail West Programme, which jointly funded construction. 

Almost 2,000 transits were made in 2011, but the canal is still a long way from maximum capacity. The improvements are partly intended to encourage boaters to linger on the waterway and explore the area, instead of treating it as a simple transit to avoid the 85 mile coastal passage around the Mull of Kintyre. A transit licence is valid for four days, and BW Scotland says that the canal has much to offer as a tourist destination.

The Crinan Canal 
Photo: cc-by-sa jkydesign @ www.sxc.hu 

Wednesday 11 January  | Andrew Denny  | 12.57pm, Wednesday 11 January 2012

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