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DBA 2012 Thames rally venue announced

The Dutch Barge Association has announced that its 2012 annual rally is to be at Mapledurham, near Reading, on the 17th-20th August. The moorings will be above the lock, near the historic Mapledurham House and close to the watermill. Near the house is a large meadow, which will be available exclusively to the Association, and the river frontage will have a capacity of 30 barges, moored 3-4 deep. 

The rally will be an interesting opportunity to examine the new Archimedes screw turbine electricity generator, the first of many to be installed at Thames weirs in the near future.  

Meanwhile, the DBA’s training officer, Chris Ries, has donated a second trophy for the DBA’s barge handling competitions, and is seeking suggestion for a title for the trophy. The trophy is a scale model of half a barge hull, based on his own barge. Entries are requested to events organiser Bill Cozens (bill.cozens@barges.org).

Monday 16 January  | Andrew Denny  | 3.18pm, Monday 16 January 2012

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