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Councillors call for visitor moorings at Rochdale

Local councillors at the Rochdale suburb of Sandbrook have called for British Waterways to install visitor moorings where the Rochdale Canal runs through their neighbourhood. 

The site is close to the culvert under Edinburgh Way, a major construction site for the reopening of the canal in 2002. Yet despite the major works there, and it being close to the Sandbrook Way retail park with all modern shopping and leisure facilities, boats have never been easily able to moor there. Instead, they often continue to Littleborough or Castleton.

The councillors say they have received “overwhelming support” not only from boaters but from local residents for stabilising the bank and installing official visitor moorings. They say it would bring extra life and business to the local retail park, assist in community safety and could mean that people take better care and pride at the proposed location.

In a letter to the Rochdale Chronicle, Councillors Dale Mulgrew and Pat Colclough, said: “We were astonished by the level of interest that this idea generated when we did our walkabout around those neighbourhoods and we received a very strong endorsement indeed.”

Mike Reeve, the manager of the adjacent pub, The Sandbrook, is also enthusiastic about the idea, saying it would be a 'tremendous boost' to have boats stopping there. "Having canal boats here, and installing some lighting on the towpath, would give a greater sense of security to local residents."

Wednesday 1 February  | Andrew Denny  | 4.03pm, Wednesday 1 February 2012


Hopefully Rochdale Council will also be happy to fund the cost of these moorings if they will bring so much benefit to the area?

Ian  | 10.11AM, Friday 3 February

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