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IWA cautiously welcomes Canal & River Trust deal

The Inland Waterways Association today issued a statement that cautiously welcomed the settlement Defra has made on funding the new Canal and River Trust. 

The Association said: "We need to ensure that any early teething problems are no more than that, and not symptoms of greater problems, and we will want to convey any issues of substance arising to Government before it conducts its two-year review in 2014. 

"We will also keep an eye on progress towards the absorption of the EA navigations in 2015/16 to ensure that no last minute hitches derail the transfer.

"[However] in times of tight fiscal restraint, seeing the original settlement substantially increased together with retention of the full property portfolio of commercial premises and land has to be regarded as a relatively good deal."

Wednesday 1 February  | Andrew Denny  | 4.44pm, Wednesday 1 February 2012

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