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Results announced of the first elections for CRT council

The results of the first elections to be held for the Canal & River Trust council were announced on Monday, amid concerns about the low response from eligible voters.  

Clive Henderson, Ivor Caplan, Vaughan Welch and Ann Farrell will represent private boaters on the new council. 

Nigel Stevens of northern hireboat company Shire Cruisers, and Tony Matts of Foxton Boat Services, will represent the interests of ‘boating businesses’. 

Representing the employees of the new Trust will be Chris Bailey, currently Enterprise Manager in BW’s West Midlands region. 

Barely 26% of the 28,805 eligible boaters took part in electing their representative, while around 37%  of the 1,036 boating businesses voted. The figure for the 1,751 employees of the new Trust (including BW and Waterways Trust staff) was slightly higher, at 44%. 

As current IWA chairman Clive Henderson is already a familiar figure in waterways politics, as are both Vaughan Welch (an IWA trustee) and Ivor Caplan (a former chairman and leading light of the Residential Boat Owners Association). Ann Farrell, standing as a private candidate and active canal boater, is familiar to many in North West waters as a former Chester City councillor responsible for leisure and conservation in the city until 2007. 

The seven new councillors will join 28 already nominated by various organisations or co-opted, in the inaugural meeting in Birmingham on 28th March. 

Tuesday 13 March  | Andrew Denny  | 11.26am, Tuesday 13 March 2012

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