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First full waterway partnership panels announced

The Canal & River Trust, the new waterways charity due to become the guardian of the canals and rivers in England and Wales later this year, has appointed its first members to three of the new waterways partnerships.

The partnerships work with the local management teams to guide the development of canals and rivers in their areas.

The Manchester & Pennines partnership, chaired by Walter Menzies and with David Baldacchino as waterway manager, will consist of Tayo Adebowale, Ian Banks, Graham Birch, Dave Champness, Lynda Jubb, Keith Sexton, Nigel Stevens, Jon Stopp, Iain Taylor and Mark Turner.

The North Wales & Borders partnership, chaired by Jim Forrester and managed by Wendy Capelle, includes Belinda Davenport, Gillian Edwards, Bill Furniss, Chris Koral, Helen Paterson, Alan Platt, Jane Staley and Steve Stamp.

The South Wales & Severn partnership is chaired by Jack Hegarty, and managed by Nick Worthington. Members are Grant Addison, Julian Atkins, Jan van Der Elsen, Lois Frances, Alasdair Kirkpatrick, Clive Matthews, Robert Moreland, Robert Pearce and David Wheeler.

Further details of the appointments, and backgrounds of the new members, can be found on www.waterscape.com/features-and-articles/news/3303/waterways-partnerships-announce-appointment-of-new-members

Thursday 22 March  | Andrew Denny  | 11.06am, Thursday 22 March 2012

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