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Official: Canal & River Trust is now a registered charity

On 4th April the Canal & River Trust was officially recognised as a charity by the Charities Commission. The new Trust, which already has a Board of Trustees, a governing Council and the Prince of Wales as Royal Patron, is now legally permitted to start fundraising to support its objectives.

The Canal & River Trust is due to take over the 2,000 miles of English and Welsh waterways, historic buildings, museums and archives from British Waterways and The Waterways Trust. Once approved by Parliament, this will be the largest-ever transfer of a public body into the charitable sector.

The transfer is being backed by a guaranteed 15-year funding contract from the government. This guaranteed amount replaces the annual negotiating round of ‘grant in aid’ which has made planning the future of the waterways so difficult in previous years. 

“The creation of the Canal & River Trust is one of the most exciting projects in the charitable sector at the moment and will hold in trust for the nation one of our most extraordinary national treasures”, said Lynne Berry, deputy chairman of the new trust. 

“Charitable registration means that we are now almost ready to start raising income from charitable sources, to add to the waterways’ solid foundation of Government and self-earned income. The Canal & River Trust is all about securing the future of the waterways, and today’s announcement brings us one step closer to realising this dream.”

Saturday 7 April  | Andrew Denny  | 12.41pm, Saturday 7 April 2012

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