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Kingsground Narrowboats - a clarification

Kingsground Narrowboats has asked us to point out that contrary to a report in the March 2013 issue of Waterways World, it is still actively trading and building the high quality boats it is renowned for. 

We apologise for any negative impression our story may have conveyed and will be issuing a further clarification here shortly, and in the next issue. 

For more information Kingsground can be contacted by phone on 01869 351321, by email at richard@kingsground.co.uk or on Facebook as 'Kingsground Narrowboats'. 

Tuesday 12 February  | Andrew Denny  | 2.07pm, Tuesday 12 February 2013


After all of our hard work over the Winter months in preparation for Spring, it was very unfortunate that this press release made it into the magazine without being authenticated. We would like to reassure our customers both previous and existing that we are looking to a very bright future. Changes have been made to help us weather the storm that is the current financial climate and we have readdressed our business to suit the current demand. Richard's email address is displayed incorrectly above, please note that it is richard@kingsground.co.uk as always and his number is 07785734367. Regards, Tiffany

Tiffany Gale  | 5.45PM, Tuesday 12 February

The clarification didn't reach your Twitter feed. Please do all that you can to reach your audience quickly because I can't single handedly reach the same amount of people as your magazine does, it's an impossible task!

Tiffany Gale  | 10.26AM, Saturday 16 February

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