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Latest news for Tuesday 2 May

How did terrapins end up in the Huddersfield canal? examiner.co.uk

Laura Foleher spotted a pair of terrapins basking in the sun on the canal bank at Fartown. “I have not seen them before but have been told they were spotted last year and have grown bigger,” said Laura. The most likely scenario is that they were indeed dumped, according to Deberah Tate who runs Reptilia Reptile Rescue, based in Ossett. Deberah said terrapins were classed as an invasive species under an European Union regulation which made it illegal from January 2015 to sell your terrapin or to release it into the wild. “That’s why so many are being dumped because people have nowhere to take them,” she said. “We are not allowed to take them as the EU has ruled that they are an invasive species.” ... click for full story