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IWA quickly expresses opposition to BW announcement

That didn't take long: the Inland Waterways Association has come out strongly against BW's new mooring plans.

Roger Squires, chairman of IWA's Navigation Committee, said:

"IWA is diametrically opposed to the line being taken by British Waterways. We have said we are against open auctions and cannot see the need for them when every other operator in the market place, including their own marina operation BWML, uses a fixed price list. This uses the system of comparables used by Estate Agents and is seen by all as a tried and tested and transparent system.
"I am additionally concerned that research conducted into online auctions suggests that often people are drawn into the need to 'win at all costs' and through this process may end up bidding more than they can afford or originally intended."

Thursday 23 October  | Richard Fairhurst  | 1.01pm, Thursday 23 October 2008

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