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Highbridge grp cruisers

Has anyone got information on the Highbridge Crusader 1983 32ft grp cruisers please?Is there an owner's club?A relative of mine has bought one
and water is getting into the cockpit.Dry dock charges are high on the Kennet and Avon [Bath].Also self employed handymen/engineers hard to find there for things like installing a solid fuel boatstove etc

Asked by: brian james  | Thursday 16 February, 8.05pm | 2 answers

Kingspan narrowboat insulation

We are considering having a new bespoke narrow boat built and have visited nine potential builders after visiting Crick last year. Perhaps not surprisingly, we have received various opinions on virtually ever aspect of boat build and design including insulation of the shell.
Most builders seem to use spray foam. But one builder, who we are particularly interested in, uses a Kingspan-sourced ridged foam board which, while giving a consistent thickness would seem to have limitations in insulating hard-to-reach areas. I wondered what your opinion is regarding the merits or otherwise of the two systems?
Trevor Hogg.

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | Monday 13 February, 3.58pm | 2 answers

Have I got a stove leak

I have noticed several tar streaks running down the outside of the stove chimney on the part of the chimney that's inside of the boat. (So running from the roof line down). Do a have a leak between the chimney and the roof fitting?

Asked by: Adam Savory  | Sunday 12 February, 9.47pm | 4 answers

Cable Terminations

Is there anything in either the RCD,BSC or IEE Wiring Regs which requires the fitting of ferrules on cable terminations on 12v DC or 230v AC boat wiring systems ?

Asked by: Rodney Hardwick  | Saturday 11 February, 4.47pm | 3 answers


My late uncle worked on a tug named FALCONBROOK on the Lea Navigation during the 1950's, 60's and 70's. I have seen photos of the tug on the ShipSpotting site taken in Limehouse as recent as 2007. It does look a bit of a relic.Does anyone know its present whereabouts or its ultimate fate if no longer afloat ?? I do have photos

Asked by: John Cooper  | Friday 10 February, 11.18am | 1 answer

Ref grp narrow boat

some 30+ years ago there was a company that was trying to make a GRP narrow boat, what was there name, and what became of them?

Asked by: Bryan Victor Mayle  | Monday 6 February, 1.46pm | 4 answers

Boat cleaning and polishing

I was horrified today when looking for cleaning producs for my narrowboat to find them warning of long term damage to aquatic life and not to discharge them into watercourses! So I didn't buy them.
Any recommendations for environmentally acceptable products?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Sunday 5 February, 7.45pm | 2 answers

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