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Hour meter dip switches

I removed my rev counter from my BETA 38 engine as the bulb and the hour display were not working. I failed to find why the hours were no longer showing but more importantly the dip switches were accidently moved. What should they be set at to ensure that the rev counter is accurate? Is there any obvious reason for the hours not to be displayed?

Asked by: Alan Davies  | Monday 22 May, 6.42pm | 3 answers

Wood burning stoves

In choosing our new wood burning stove for our boat, do we need to buy a Defra approved stove or can we use the non approved versions?

Asked by: Raymond Fowler  | Sunday 21 May, 9.35am | 2 answers

cratch cove

have you a list of crachcover makers on the Shropshire union near norbury pleas regard alan jenner

Asked by: alanjenner  | Monday 15 May, 3.25pm | 3 answers

blacking the hull of my 60 foot narrowboat

How many gallons of blackening do I need per coat for my 60 foot narrowboat hull please?

Asked by: Net Watmough  | Thursday 11 May, 3.32pm | 1 answer

Manual toilet pump out pumps

Hi - literally got caught short at Kingswood junction with the CRT pump out facility not working [it got repaired two days later]and 7/8 full black water toilet tank. A fellow boater had a manual pump out facility and said it was very useful when quite often pump out facilities are not functioning and cost effective over a few years. Any suggestions as to what pumps there are available to manually pump out the tank if the electric pump out isn't working wherever you may be. Obviously the manual pump discharge hose is directed down the elsan disposal facility.
Thanks Bill G
nb Jamdrew of Larkfield

Asked by: bill goad  | Thursday 11 May, 12.49pm | 3 answers

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