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Accumulator and expansion tanks

I bought these as advised by the people I bought the calorifier off but the guy who put it in said I wouldn't need either of them so didn't plumb them in. I think I want to have them in really so am planning to install them myself. Am I right in thinking the accumulator needs to be after the pump as in water tank,pump,then accumulator.......and the the expansion tank at other end of boat : calorifier the expansion tank before pipe work?

Asked by: estelle lomax  | Saturday 14 October, 10.24am | 3 answers

Tips for hose pipe

I am trying to get three quarter inch sanitary hose onto a whale gulper inlet - impossible to do? I have tried leaving in boiling water to soften- any tips?

Asked by: estelle lomax  | Monday 9 October, 7.52pm | 4 answers

Drilling holes in the superstructure, what are the requirements?

I want to fit some navigation lights to my narrowboat. This requires me to drill some holes in the steel superstructure, both for wiring and for screws to attach the lights. Are there any special precautions I should take to avoid these holes becoming rust points, and are there any other areas I need to bear in mind?

Asked by: Rod Nelson  | Monday 9 October, 1.21pm | 1 answer

bow thruster

Is it possible to install a Bow Thruster in an already established boat, and if so approximately how much to do so.

Asked by: Frank Franklin  | Sunday 8 October, 1.33am | 2 answers

yanmar air filters

hello again. i have recently bought a yanmar air filter, the one recommended in the manual of my barrus shire 1200 engine fitted to my 46ft narrowboat, the filter number is 119808 12520. i found one on ebay sold by a company called Farol who tend to mostly sell agricultural bits and bobs, the add read 'genuine yanmar air filter' .
so anyway on the add picture it looked exactly the same as the one that i am using right now yet on arrival it was too long and too large , it was hard to judge in the advert as they look the same , it seems i have it's bigger wider brother. the filter i have has no name or number enscribed on it and it has all confused me, any thoughts would be very gratefully accepted

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | Tuesday 3 October, 10.13am | 5 answers

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