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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Which Cratch Cover

We're looking at getting a cratch cover for our boat and I am wondering which material to choose. I really like the look of canvas but I'm concerned it won't be fully watertight at the seams and the problem of discolouration. I'm not keen on the look of PVC and I'm concerned about the potential of ripping it, or it degrading and splitting over time. Am I getting overly concerned about these fabrics or is there another fabric that would be best. Any advice on which way to go will be appreciated.

Asked by: Raymond Fowler  | Sunday 26 March, 3.17pm | 1 answer

Calcium Silicate Board

How do I fix Calcium silicate board to the wall/batons around my stove

Asked by: Ian CLARK  | Monday 20 March, 8.13pm | 3 answers

engine option

we are in the process of buying anarrowboat.one has perkins mc42.The other a betabv1903s(kabuta).Please could you give comparison thoughts. thankyou

Asked by: mick furner  | Thursday 16 March, 11.25am | 2 answers

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