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20+ year old boat

Thanks for previous response Graham. I will indeed order the book. Although the boat appears to have been well maintained, am I right to be cautious that on a +20yr old boat,the engine for example might be nearing end of life? It's an Isuzu 42, regularly serviced apparently. Although quite a bit under budget, I'm cautious - being somewhat mechanically challenged! - that it could turn into an expensive buy?

Asked by: Graham Jones  | Wednesday 16 August, 10.29am | 1 answer

Buying advice for a newcomer!

We are going to see a 68ft Mike Greation cruiser stern narrowboat, built 1995 by Stone Canal Carrying Company. It's a private sale.I've noted various comments re ownership, slightly concerned about loans etc that may be secured on the boat as no way of telling, but also it has a BSS to 08/2021 with no advisories but last survey available is 2013. Would it be naive to buy without a survey - can a lot happen to a boat in 4 yrs? Also, anything we should be wary of when buying a +20yr old boat? Comments greatly appreciated.

Asked by: Graham Jones  | Tuesday 15 August, 3.16pm | 4 answers


hello all, i am in the process of buying a 46ft fully fitted second hand narrowboat and need to know the approximate weight of it , it has a draft of 2 feet and wondered if anyone here may be able to give me an estimate weight, thank you all , happy cruising

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | Friday 11 August, 4.39pm | 2 answers


Hello experts, i'm reading the barrus shire canal boat 14 35 engine manual, and it says , DO NOT USE BIO DIESEL, is that the same as red diesel ???, a bit confused with all the types of diesels with have these days,and would that apply for a Barrus Shire 1202 engine too?? excuse my ignorance please and thank you

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | Thursday 10 August, 3.29am | 2 answers

What licence is needed

Could someone answer the following questions please.
What licences etc are needed to be in place when you move onto a boat?
What do you do about registering with doctors and dentists?
What do you do about a postal address/post?

Asked by: Dawn & Keith Bell  | Wednesday 9 August, 8.06am | 1 answer

cost of narrow boat living

Could someone please give me details of what monthly bills would have to be paid whilst living on a narrow boat and travelling up and down the canals

Asked by: Dawn & Keith Bell  | Friday 4 August, 7.26pm | 1 answer

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