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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Can I "borow" a nb.

Having departed blights shore almost two years ago for a sunny Turkey I am looking to return to Uk 2010 for cruising holiday. Is it posible to make exchange with private NB. owner? Exchange for 3 bedroomed detached private Villa, fishing village location Agean sea shore. Bodrum,Turkey. Or would BWB consider this arrangement Hire and Reward?

Asked by: John Parry  | Wednesday 14 October, 8.11pm | 2 answers

Can I use a calor gas fridge on a narrow boat?

We recently bought a second hand narrow boat which includes a modern 3 fuel fridge (12v/240v/calor gas). Using the 12v power it drains the leisure batteries overnight. We thought the solution would be to hook it up to the on board calor gas, but the hand book says it "may not be used for road vehicles and water vessels". Does this apply to narrowboats and are there any "downsides" to this possibly solution?

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | Sunday 11 October, 3.46pm | 3 answers

What pressure (& when) in water accumulator

Cold water pump has started to trip in occasionally (2/3 times) a night. No visible leaks, so assume the water accumulator tank needs a bit more pressure pumping into it.
What pressure should "the bladder" be at? Do I pump it up when there is no water pressure on the system, or do I do it when the water pump has pushed the system up to full pressure?

Asked by: Dave Martin  | Monday 5 October, 10.57am | 1 answer

Briscoe Marine/Invader 22 manual/help

where can i find any info on a Briscoe Marine/Invader 22.ie users manual etc or any info on what is on board and where all the switches are/do..dont know anything about boats as this is my first one..thanks

Asked by: glenn  | Sunday 4 October, 7.11pm | 1 answer

Maintenance book on narrowboats

Can anyone recommend a good maintenance book to cover all aspects of maintaning a narrowboat?

Asked by: Graham Dove  | Saturday 3 October, 8.27pm | 1 answer

holding tank

is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide in my holding tank

Asked by: larry warren  | Saturday 3 October, 7.50pm | 1 answer

60' n/b in broad lock

thanks for the answer to my question, which produces another, how problemtaic is 60' diagonally in a broad lock, eg L&L or Huddersfield
Gordon & Jennie

Asked by: R G Ritchie  | Saturday 3 October, 1.00pm | 3 answers


I am going to fit a calorifier to my boat and would like to know the best take off and return points on the engine cooling system for the heating coil. The engine uses a closed cct keel cooling system - any thoughts gratefully appreciated

Asked by: Jeremy  | Tuesday 29 September, 6.14pm | 1 answer

n/b lenghts

My Wife & I are planning a new build n/b, for post retiral long term cruising, south of the border.
Initially based/ built on Lancaster or Leeds & Liverpool
We would like to have a minimum length of 60' but 65' would be better.
We hope the build will be high tech diesel / electric hybrid drive, hence the length requirement.
We currently own a 53' semi-trad ( so we are not newcomers ) moored here on Scotland's Union Canal.
The question is...WHERE WILL WE NOT be able to cruise @ these lengths ?
I suspect 65' leaving the Lancaster will be on the back of a truck !!!!!!!
All info & assistance appreciated
Gordon & Jennie

Asked by: R G Ritchie  | Wednesday 23 September, 1.50pm | 3 answers

heating systems

we are looking into fitting a hot water/heating system on our new boat. this system will potentially include calorifiers heated by the engine and if possible a second central heating system. i am a complete novice and have very little understanding of plumbing. could you explain how these systems generally work. or colud you reccommend anywhere to look these things up?

Asked by: robbarrell  | Sunday 20 September, 6.31pm | 3 answers

how bad is hull rust pitting


Asked by: robert jullien  | Thursday 17 September, 6.58pm | 2 answers

How do I solve discolouration and odour in domestic water supply?

Our boat is only just 12 months old. It has had a problem with orange/brown deposits in the water for some time. The builder told us "it was not uncommon with waterside supplies" but it is now much worse. When the water is run - at any point on the boat - after not being used for a few days, it runs mid to dark brown and has a very unpleasant odour. This clears after a couple of minutes. We have drunk the water (filtered) with no ill effects. It was suggested it might be a degrading diaphragm in the accumulator. The whole unit was replaced, but the problem continues. Any suggestions or solutions?

Asked by: Richard Holland  | Tuesday 15 September, 8.06am | 2 answers

PDF Files Missing?

As a subscriber I regularly come to your site for the latest news and info. But, and there always has to be a but doesn't there? Why are there no PDF files available for downloading after April 2005... has there been a breach in your database? Apart from this one small question I am more than happy with the magazine & web site.
Best wishes, Kevin

Asked by: Kevin Lockie  | Sunday 13 September, 1.00pm | 2 answers

recirculating grey water

My builder fortuituosly has provided two linked 450ltr water tanks in the bows.How practical can it be to dedicate one to collect bath and basin water to use for the two techma toilets using pumps etc?

Asked by: connol coan  | Saturday 12 September, 4.25pm | 3 answers

Bow thrusters

What is the performance difference between hydraulic and electric bow thrusters? When does the kgf rating become overpowered(cavitation in 3' of water?)for a 70'nb?

Asked by: connol coan  | Saturday 12 September, 4.17pm | 3 answers

Narrowboat condensation during winter?

Can anyone suggest a solution to the condensation and high humidity problem in a narrowboat during the winter months. The humidity is constantly very high and the woodwork expands. I have used calcium chloride crystals in the special containers, but they make little impact. I don't want to run an electric dehumidifier over winter if I can avoid this. Has anyone any experience of the solar panel ventilation system by Solarventi?

Asked by: Philip Dale  | Friday 11 September, 10.04am | 3 answers

Bleeding Diesel Fuel Filters

I have a 50' Mike Hayward narrowboat with a BMC 1.8 diesel engine. There appears to be a pre filter before the fuel pump follwed by another fuel filter afterwards. I cannot get the pre filter to bleed even though I have removed both of the bleed screws. Any thoughts please? - Many thanks

Asked by: Peter Heath  | Saturday 5 September, 8.51pm | 3 answers

Lights dim when fridge cuts out

Strange but true, when our 12 volt Shoreline fridge swithes off the wall lights noticeably dim and when the fridge cuts in the lights brighten.
It has been suggested that it could be an negative return fault but as the two circuits don't join until they get to either the positive or negative bus bars I can't understand what I should be looking for.
Any suggestions welcome.

Asked by: Richard Tanner  | Thursday 3 September, 8.36pm | 1 answer


I the issue March 2009 there is an article titled "the musterd run" feturing a boat called pedro.With the owners roy and carole sycamore based in france
Is it possible for you to forward our email address to them?
As i would like to conntact them.

Asked by: steven  | Saturday 29 August, 10.09am | no answers yet - add one

GAS pipe run

I need to run a Gas (LPG)pipe though the same locker as my inverter and fuse box inside my boat. There are no jions in the gas pipe but it will be within 1ft of the above electric items. Is this ok with BSS

Asked by: Barry  | Friday 28 August, 8.53pm | no answers yet - add one

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