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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Split battery charging

We run a charity trip boat which is having trouble driving the second alternator and wish to just run off the primary alternator to charge the engine & domestic batteries. We propose to buy a Sterling PSR122 split charger. Are we likely to run into any problems when we come to fit it?

Asked by: Duncan Paine  | Monday 19 April, 11.28am | 2 answers

Further information on one of your contributors.

In a doctor's surgery I read an article on a Victorean rowing trip from Chester to Kendal in 1899 by a R E Froude'
Is it possible for me to make contact with the author?

Asked by: Mike Spence  | Thursday 15 April, 5.55pm | 1 answer

Moving a narrowboat from Lincoln to Bedford.

A route planner maped it via the Wash is this possible or not advisable?

Asked by: Trevor James Lewinton  | Tuesday 13 April, 11.33pm | 1 answer


Hi there,
I am due to sell my home, and wish to purchase a wide beam as a live aboard subject to finding a suitable residential mooring. My question is, if the boat I buy is brand new would I have to pay VAT, if it was to be my home?

Asked by: Griff  | Monday 12 April, 8.45pm | 4 answers

leisure batteries

what are the best leisure batteries and is there an advanage in having 135 amps over 110 when we seem to run out of power in the late evening

Asked by: D A LINDSAY  | Monday 12 April, 2.32pm | 1 answer

Roof colours - light or dark?

I am planning the paint scheme for a new 58 ft boat and am getting conflicting advice about roof colours. People I respect say a) that the roof must be a light colour to keep the cabin cool on hot days, or b) I mustn--t use a light colour for the roof, because on bright days, the sun will reflect and glare into the steerer--s eyes making the boat extremely unpleasant to use. I see many new boats with light coloured roofs - how does it work out in practice and is there a noticeable cooling effect?

Asked by: Gordon Lane  | Saturday 10 April, 4.58pm | 2 answers

Washing line pole holder for tiller bar

I saw an attachment that you could buy for your tiller bar in the magazine so that you can put up a rotary clothes line on your boat, where can we buy one?

Asked by: Rachel Rice  | Friday 9 April, 8.49am | 5 answers

winding at Oxford

I am planning a trip from Welton Hythe to Oxford and back again and obviously will need to wind at Oxford. Nicholsons is some help, Google Earth too, but I am a tad confused as to where I can wind...below Isis Lock perhaps???....and where is a good place to moor overnight closish to the city centre???

Asked by: peter west  | Thursday 8 April, 10.08pm | 1 answer

Isuzu 42hp oil filter

I have an Isuzu 42hp engine but can't find the cc or the oil filter number I need. Can anyone help please?

Asked by: YVONNE SANDERSON  | Wednesday 7 April, 3.17pm | no answers yet - add one


when we fitted out our narrowboat we was told although not an exact method 1 ton should lower 1 inch.we are now considering a dutch style barge at 60'x 12'is there a rough guide for this size as a feel being wider than a narrowboat it can't be the same method

Asked by: mick turner  | Wednesday 7 April, 12.19pm | 2 answers


pumpout or cassette toilets which are the most popular.soon to be new boaters

Asked by: hedley muff  | Tuesday 6 April, 4.47pm | 3 answers

subscription from France

Hello I was wondering if it were possible to subscribe from France and how much it would cost if it is.

Asked by: QUENOUILLERE  | Saturday 3 April, 6.26pm | 1 answer

who paints boats in 2 pack paint

in common with a lot of boats my recent repaint has failed this winter with water blistering. I conclude that 2 pack paint is the only paint worth putting on the boat. So is there a painter that can srip to bare metal and paint in 2 pack?

Asked by: Ian Evans  | Thursday 1 April, 4.51pm | 1 answer

Query about Grand Junction Mileposts

Last year someone wrote a letter regarding an unusual stone mile post at Fenny lock. The expert replied that these were the original mile post giving distances to the Thames and that he thought there was another a Grove Lock (which is true). Recent hedging work near Church Lock appears to have revealed another one all the writing is no longer visible. However it is less than a mile from the one at Grove so was it originally sited on the lockside? If so perhaps I could persuade BW to return it to it's orginal home.

Asked by: Graham Bishop  | Wednesday 31 March, 12.20pm | no answers yet - add one

boating events

am i right in believing there is some kind of boat event around coventry easter weekend ie. somone mentioned coventry basin

Asked by: Mike Phipps  | Monday 29 March, 9.54pm | 2 answers

Supplementary Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Richard Fairhurst recently recommended that I should buy 12v pure-sine inverter (Sterling's 200W model) to run my Apple MacBook (in addition to my existing quasi sine wave inverter). Richard - I hope this isn't a silly question, but, how would I connect it - directly to the domestic batteries or could it be daisy chained somehow into the existing system?

Asked by: Mike Brown  | Saturday 27 March, 9.39pm | 2 answers

Topping up batteries - difficult

There is insufficient head room above my batteries for me to see the acid level to top them up with water. I currently check the level with a shortened transparent biro case - dip it in the chamber - finger on top - lift the tube to check the level. I have calibrated the biro tube which has a mark to indicate the required level. However, even this method is difficult when topping up at the back of the battery chamber. Does anyone know of a gadget that will give me a direct readout - perhaps with a float to indicate the level? Does one of the battery manufacturers sells one? The ideal would be a device that is inserted into the battery that gives a readout of acid level and also has a water tube attached to enable me to add distilled water? I have tried to invent a device, but the difficulty so far has been getting something to float on the acid surface to indicate its level. Any thoughts?

Asked by: Philip Dale  | Thursday 25 March, 5.49pm | 4 answers

What are typical bow up angles for 58ft narrow boats?

Most boats have bow up angles. I have a 58ft trad, reverse set-up (galley at back), narrowboat. What should be the normal bow up angle range be.

Asked by: David Jones  | Thursday 25 March, 4.01pm | 1 answer


what happened to the proposed Bedford-Milton Keynes link.Was the idea stopped or is it going to happen

Asked by: gaz bee  | Thursday 25 March, 2.48pm | 2 answers

Section 8

I'm looking for a cheap as chips boat,any ideas were section 8 narrowboats end up,and what is the direction and advice into obtaining such a craft.

Asked by: gaz bee  | Thursday 25 March, 2.43pm | 1 answer

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