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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Long term narrow boat hire

What's the best way to hire a narrow boat for 2 - 3 months?

Asked by: Liz Galliver  | Tuesday 2 February, 8.34pm | 1 answer


anybody out there-what happened to narrowboat BIX after the Bryces finished navigating the system for many years-did the piano stay on board

Asked by: gaz bee  | Sunday 31 January, 6.29pm | 3 answers


can u tell me what the best way to heat a wide beam is best type of heating the square footage is 592

Asked by: sindy  | Friday 29 January, 7.29pm | 1 answer

re paint

hi ive just had waterhaven repainted a very good job and would like to share it with your mag how can i email a pic to you please? i have a pic of her morred at gayton junction on the grand union northants.

Asked by: steve townhill  | Wednesday 27 January, 6.07pm | no answers yet - add one

DIY on a Boat

I cant help noticing that the DIY projects in the magazine are not really the sort of thing you can do yourself on a boat without access to a workshop. To many boaters the space required to store all the tools required for some projects would be better utilised storing important things needed for day to day living. We dont all have access to routers bench saw etc.

Asked by: Maffi  | Monday 25 January, 12.58pm | 1 answer


how do i sent photos to you

Asked by: sue battman  | Monday 25 January, 12.54pm | 2 answers

Water pump problem

Hi I have a sureflo water pump on 50ft narrowboat. The pump has started to play up alittle. It dose not kick in as soon as you turn the tap on it can take anything from 2-15 mins.Can you please help as it's starting to drive us mad.

Asked by: Dean Richardson  | Sunday 24 January, 11.31pm | 1 answer

safe moorings from Marple to Manchester

We intend going along the Macclesfield canal to Marple junction, where do we moor between there and Manchester centre and beyond?

Asked by: Robert Bush  | Thursday 21 January, 4.18pm | 1 answer

boat holiday

we are having a two week boat holiday in may from nuneaton.braunston,leicester,long eaton,fradley junction,nuneaton,with 6hour cruising a day will we be able to do this round route ok any problems to look out for

Asked by: malcolm kersley  | Tuesday 19 January, 10.59pm | 2 answers

diesel electric

dear WW team.If we had a boat built with a diesel electric system,ie.fischer panda electric drive motor and generator baring in mind the generator would power the whole boat aswell as the motor,could you use JUST red diesel(no main drive engine).many thanks. s.smith.

Asked by: stephen smith  | Tuesday 19 January, 10.58pm | 3 answers

Trying to trace a boat

I am trying to trace a boat owned by my parents until 1977 without any luck, the boat was then called "Night Tripper" and carried the company name of "Further Trucking Co" I dont know a great deal of detail about the boat apart from it being a 73 foot working boat, a photo of the boat can be seen at http://www.flyinhigh.co.uk/oldpics/01.jpg
if anyone has any info or tips I would be grateful

Asked by: Jess  | Saturday 16 January, 2.35pm | 3 answers

DIY Series

Is there a chance that you might include a DIY project to replace a window with a pair of side doors on a narrow boat. Have I seen a mention of a DIY replacement on offer?

Asked by: Nigel James  | Wednesday 13 January, 1.45pm | 2 answers

Droitwich Canals

Are these canals now open, making a link between the Worcester and Birmingham and the River Severn. If not is an opening date planned?

Asked by: Nigel Scott  | Tuesday 12 January, 2.08pm | 3 answers

Cruise guides - where can I get one

In his highly informative article 'No crew? No problem', Peter Fellows' advises having a cruising guide to hand. I am new to the River Ouse (Yorks} and am keen to know where I can get one for this river.

Asked by: Glenn Green  | Sunday 3 January, 12.23pm | 2 answers

Make of battery charger

I can not find an old article (in WW mag) about 5-6 months ago where a type and make of battery charger was recomended for keeping all batteries charged at correct level. It included automatic cut-off and would then re-charge as batteries depleted. It is used when hooked up to a shoreline. To be a bit clearer, my need is to keep the batteries in good condition over winter when the boat is not used very much,hope you can help.

Asked by: Geoff Tomblin  | Tuesday 29 December, 3.34pm | 2 answers

Why not charge fridge battery on engine start alternator?

I understand you do not agree with charging fridge batteries from the engine start battery alternator via a split charge relay. Could you please explain your objection?

Asked by: david townsend  | Monday 28 December, 8.17pm | 4 answers

1.5 BMC engine PRM gearbox

When going from tickover to ahead what can only be described as a 'clatter' seems to come from the gearbox which disappears as more power is applied. This also occurs in reverse. I have no oil loss from either engine or gearbox, both are at maximum. Any ideas of the cause?

Asked by: M.Greer  | Wednesday 23 December, 11.53am | 2 answers

oil v lpg central heating

I am looking at renewing my old LPG boiler. Does anybody know which fuel is cheaper to run - oil / LPG?

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | Monday 21 December, 7.26pm | 1 answer

How to extend the life of domestic batteries

As a matter of routine I isolate all the boat batteries when leaving it on its home mooring. I have been told that I should leave on trickle charge through the Inverter/Charger to preserve the life of the batteries, is this correct, what do you advise?

Asked by: Nigel Scott  | Thursday 17 December, 5.08pm | 1 answer


HOW DO YOU assemle a narrow boat chimney mine has just fell apart

Asked by: adam  | Thursday 17 December, 5.08pm | 2 answers

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