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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Build a cratch

We would like to build a cratch for our 57ft narrowboat but are unable to find any books / plans /current articles - can you help please

Asked by: Gillian Hicks  | Tuesday 3 November, 4.04pm | 3 answers

Cruising the Thames

Starting to plan next spring's cruise, which will include the Thames from Brentford to Oxford. I seem to remember reading about a reciprocal agreement with BW license holders, or am I imagining it? Around £35 per day for a 58ft NB seems a bit excessive!

Asked by: Peter Skinner  | Sunday 1 November, 1.06pm | 2 answers


How do I get my repeat prescriptions.can I go to any GP?

Asked by: Martin Hayter  | Saturday 31 October, 7.43pm | 2 answers

Sole Plate

I have had conflicting opinions as to whether or not the sole plate should be painted. Does the sole plate need to be painted?

Asked by: Rachel Kirkland-Walters  | Friday 30 October, 5.50pm | 1 answer

service manual

I need a SERVICE MANUAL for a Lister LRM / SRM 2 cylinder air cooled diesel engine . Also any advice on servicing said engine much appreciated .

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | Thursday 29 October, 4.29pm | 1 answer


What is the cheapest fully comp. canal boat insurance ?

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | Wednesday 28 October, 3.10pm | 3 answers

dwell angle for my vetus engine

what does it mean and how would i know
if mine is lined up correctly.it says 15 degrees backward and 25 degrees athwartships

Asked by: mick turner  | Thursday 22 October, 3.34pm | 4 answers

GearBox Advice

We have just bought a 26' \Narrow Boat and for the 1st Half Hour of crusing the gearbox is slipping
Engine is a Thorneycroft 2 cyl and the gearbox is a Worth 100
we where told this is ist third gearbox
\Looking for advice on changing the gearbox what make should we go for and what rating eg 100/120/150
is it an easy job for a novice

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | Tuesday 20 October, 6.30pm | 3 answers

battery problems

Hi i have revently bought a 42ft narrow boat.It has two 110amp/hr batteries on itthe battery switch is on the negative side should this be on the+ side ?
It hasa dual voltage fridge which i am told will flatten the batteries if left running when the engine is off.
How can get this problem resolved and is there a web site that will explain how to fit a split charging system and seperate the engine start batterys and add some leisure batterys so that i do not get strande as i did last weekend

Asked by: edward Connolly  | Monday 19 October, 3.32pm | 2 answers


AM planing a narrowboat new build, need wheelchair access, any idea where \i can source a platform lift or alternative equipment, or can anyone advise me of the pitfalls? Thank You

Asked by: BLACKPOOL PHAB CLUB  | Sunday 18 October, 11.57am | 1 answer

hull plating

i am considering having the hull sides of my 60 foot narrow boat plated [subject to survey]as there is some pitting what i would like to know is what thickness plate is recommended as i have been advised by 3 different people 3 different thicknessess also how far approximateley will the extra weight pull the boat down at present it is 18 inch draft
regards R S

Asked by: r shaw  | Friday 16 October, 7.23pm | 1 answer

How to repair a Powermaster inverter

My powermaster 3000w inverter/charger has failed after 5 years service,since powermaster no longer exist I do not know where to send it for inspection or repair.I have not found anyone able to offer advice in my home town Doncaster. I am confident that the 12v supply is secure but have no no way of knowing what is happening within the unit and am reluctant to throw it in the bin untill I am sure that it cannot be repaired. Can you suggest anyone who could advise me.

Asked by: ashley norton  | Thursday 15 October, 5.13pm | 1 answer

Size of outboard engine

I have a 24foot narrowboat with a 15 year old Honda 9.9hp engine. As I am on the Great Ouse plus Fens I feel I need to upgrade to a more powerful engine. I am told that the 15hp engine is the same as mine therefore do I need the 20hp Honda?

Asked by: Ken Hand  | Thursday 15 October, 5.12pm | 4 answers

Can I "borow" a nb.

Having departed blights shore almost two years ago for a sunny Turkey I am looking to return to Uk 2010 for cruising holiday. Is it posible to make exchange with private NB. owner? Exchange for 3 bedroomed detached private Villa, fishing village location Agean sea shore. Bodrum,Turkey. Or would BWB consider this arrangement Hire and Reward?

Asked by: John Parry  | Wednesday 14 October, 8.11pm | 2 answers

Can I use a calor gas fridge on a narrow boat?

We recently bought a second hand narrow boat which includes a modern 3 fuel fridge (12v/240v/calor gas). Using the 12v power it drains the leisure batteries overnight. We thought the solution would be to hook it up to the on board calor gas, but the hand book says it "may not be used for road vehicles and water vessels". Does this apply to narrowboats and are there any "downsides" to this possibly solution?

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | Sunday 11 October, 3.46pm | 3 answers

What pressure (& when) in water accumulator

Cold water pump has started to trip in occasionally (2/3 times) a night. No visible leaks, so assume the water accumulator tank needs a bit more pressure pumping into it.
What pressure should "the bladder" be at? Do I pump it up when there is no water pressure on the system, or do I do it when the water pump has pushed the system up to full pressure?

Asked by: Dave Martin  | Monday 5 October, 10.57am | 1 answer

Briscoe Marine/Invader 22 manual/help

where can i find any info on a Briscoe Marine/Invader 22.ie users manual etc or any info on what is on board and where all the switches are/do..dont know anything about boats as this is my first one..thanks

Asked by: glenn  | Sunday 4 October, 7.11pm | 1 answer

Maintenance book on narrowboats

Can anyone recommend a good maintenance book to cover all aspects of maintaning a narrowboat?

Asked by: Graham Dove  | Saturday 3 October, 8.27pm | 1 answer

holding tank

is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide in my holding tank

Asked by: larry warren  | Saturday 3 October, 7.50pm | 1 answer

60' n/b in broad lock

thanks for the answer to my question, which produces another, how problemtaic is 60' diagonally in a broad lock, eg L&L or Huddersfield
Gordon & Jennie

Asked by: R G Ritchie  | Saturday 3 October, 1.00pm | 3 answers

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