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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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electric earth ?

I have just brought my first narrowboat and have noticed there is no earth connection between the 240v consumer unit and the hull. Should the hull be earthed when using a shore connection or is the earth though the 240v shore line.

Asked by: Barry  | Monday 18 May, 9.49pm | 1 answer

Battery charging

I have one altenator on my engine, how many batteries could I safely charge using just the one altenator

Asked by: DenisAlcock  | Sunday 17 May, 6.33pm | 4 answers

small boat locks

I'd still like pointers to any small scale/small craft lock systems for punts/dinghies/skiffs anywhere in Europe. Water level difference 3.5-4m. I believe there is a slipway for punts in Cambridge. Names? Locations?

Asked by: jefferson chapple  | Sunday 17 May, 9.23am | 1 answer

pub at Braunston

is the Admiral Nelson at beside the Braunston Flight going to open again. we are going to the rally and festival in June and would like to walk to this pub if open

Asked by: carole dillon  | Tuesday 12 May, 3.56pm | 1 answer

central heating

Hi Folks My boat has a diesel stove with three radiators. I would like to replace the 230v pump with a 12volt pump so as to reduce the demand through the inverter. I wonder if this is possible and has anyone experience of which pump would be suitable.

Asked by: D. B. Sandal  | Friday 8 May, 9.39pm | 2 answers


Hi Folks, I would like to purchase an adjustable for length gangplank. I wondered if anyone knows of a manufacturer. preferably an alloy one for lightness Thanks

Asked by: D. B. Sandal  | Friday 8 May, 3.36pm | no answers yet - add one

Flue for gas water heater

We've owned a narrowboat in the family for several years now and its passed it's BSS with only minor problems however there is a new examiner on the scene and he has just failed a neighbouring boat because the flue for the gas water heater is not tall enough. I have been told that he will fail mine also when it is due this year even though the regulations have not changed. My neighbour has to have a larger hole cut in his roof for the flue to fit, apparently this will cost a few hundred pounds to do. Can anyone give me any advise re this problem, I have just had my boat painted and don't want to start cutting and welding the roof.

Asked by: David Grice  | Sunday 3 May, 3.19pm | no answers yet - add one


Do I need a anchor? I am coming down the avon fron Stratford in May.

Asked by: CHRIS ANDERS  | Saturday 2 May, 9.37am | 5 answers

honda outboard

hi, my friends honda 9.9hp outboard wont slow run, it runs fine further up the rev range but wont tick over ?

Asked by: jake martin  | Tuesday 28 April, 6.53pm | 1 answer

Moorings in the East Midlands

Having taken the plunge and bought a Narrowboat, we realise we know very little about the nitty gritty of getting a mooring. We've found the BW auction site. How else does one search for a mooring around the Braunston Buckby area?

Asked by: Peter Skinner  | Thursday 23 April, 3.43pm | 2 answers

artical on using ropes for winding

I understand that your magazine has done an article on how to use ropes to manouvre your narrowboat have had a fruitless on your back issue search engine.Could you help, thankyou

Asked by: lyn hanby  | Wednesday 22 April, 6.12pm | 1 answer

Lightweight Boarding planks/ladders

Last year I believe you showed an aluminium ladder fitted with solid sheet on one side of the rungs and which could be used to rescue overboards. Any ideas where to find?

Asked by: ANDREW HILL  | Monday 20 April, 8.32pm | 2 answers

Engine Oil

My narrowboat is powered by a Bukh 24. The manual advises lubricating oil with a cc or cd rating. It appears that these oils are no longer available. The lowest rating I have been able to find is cf. Will this be ok or can you suggest suitable alternative.
Many thanks.

Asked by: Stewart Hodgson  | Monday 20 April, 12.36pm | 2 answers

Sailaway Diaries

Where can I find the costings for the boat in "The Sailaway Diaries"

Asked by: DenisAlcock  | Thursday 16 April, 6.40pm | 1 answer

Diesel fired stoves

Does anyone sell a small diesel fuelled stove (without back boiler) but with electric ignition suitable for a narrowboat?

Asked by: Richard Holland  | Monday 13 April, 9.32am | 1 answer

Drive Plate Problem

Two years ago I purchased a 60ft narrow boat with a Rushton 6yc engine unit. When purchased we had every intention of replacing this unit with a modern engine and gearbox. The chosen unit was a Mitsubishi type 105 1.76 litre, 42.5 hp with a PRM 260D gearbox supplied complete from a reputable dealer.
After approx 60 running hrs the first drive plate which is a RD 13AA4 collapsed and drive was lost. A further 4 drive plated have malfunctioned in less than 400 hours running.
Various work has been undertake to try and remedy the fault including, the prop re pitched to 17/10 stern bush replaced and shaft cheched for distortion and trueness. A Python Drive was also fitted after the second failure. We are very confident that there is no excessive drag anywhere on the final drive through to the propeller.
R&D has confirmed that the drive plate is the correct one for the current system.

Asked by: Ernie Cheetham  | Sunday 12 April, 3.18pm | no answers yet - add one

boat re-painting

How much approximately would it cost to have a 62ft trad port holed narrow boat re-painted?

Asked by: Ian Bertram  | Tuesday 7 April, 12.21am | 1 answer

Water tank problems

My 20yr. old narrowboat has a leak in it's stainless steel water tank, at the moment I don't want to take it out for repair. Do I have any options for a temporary repair

Asked by: Mick Lock  | Monday 6 April, 2.08pm | 1 answer


Can anyone tell me if i can download an events calendar for 2009 for this year, asi would love to go look at canal, narrow boats for sale or festivals etc., thanks

Asked by: irene pyle  | Sunday 5 April, 11.52am | 1 answer

Experience required

Is t possible to be a unpaid hand on a Narrowboat in order to get experiece

Asked by: Carl Morley  | Wednesday 1 April, 2.38pm | 1 answer

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