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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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mooring ropes

What are the recommended lengths for mooring ropes on a 60ft narrowboat

Asked by: Brian Greenaway  | Tuesday 25 August, 9.19am | 1 answer

Aquariums on boats.

Has anyone managed to succesfully run an aquarium on a narrow boat!? Have seen a picture of a biorb in a feature on a boat, but wasnt sure if it was a permanant fixture! Would value any advice, possible pitfalls and the like! Husband wants to live on a boat but Im loathed to be parted from my fish!

Asked by: Jill  | Tuesday 18 August, 9.18pm | 2 answers

Inverter repairs

I have a Victron sine wave interter/charger and would like to know where I can get it repaired.

Asked by: Sue Steventon  | Tuesday 18 August, 2.41pm | 1 answer

flexible couplings

i would like to fit a flexible drive to my new build anyone any advice on any differance between the aquadrive or the python drive ?

Asked by: jake martin  | Sunday 9 August, 4.40pm | no answers yet - add one


We are looking at buying either a new or second hand boat and wondered if anyone can first give an idea of what is a good invertor, type rating etc, to consider, and obviously the ones to avoid.We do not need the kettle to give out whilst the bloomin fridge clicks on!!!!

Asked by: Akidma  | Saturday 8 August, 4.20pm | 2 answers

Engine Advice

We are looking at buying either a new or second hand boat and wondered if anyone can first give an idea of what is a good engine, type rating etc, to consider, and obviously the ones to avoid.

Asked by: Akidma  | Saturday 8 August, 4.18pm | 1 answer

Name My Boat

How can you choose a narrowboat name and how do you know that your choice is unique? What if you do select a name and then find a year on that it has been duplicated?
If I buy a second hand narrowboat how do I change the name from a name that is on it which I may not like to another name I choose?

Asked by: Akidma  | Saturday 8 August, 4.01pm | 1 answer


Is it possible to advertise mooring space in magazine ?

Asked by: margaret Rogers  | Thursday 6 August, 12.22pm | 1 answer

galvanic action

50ft semi trad built 5 years ago. we recently took our narrowboat out of the water for Interzone 954 blacking. We discovered water blisters on both swims and on the side which is normally the side which we moor. these are the normal metal bank pilons. we contacted International paints concerning the problem and sent off a sample which they requested. in their opinion it was a galvanic action. the boat is not connected to shore power and no other boat in this area has a mains connection as this is not available on this environment mooring. What can we do to correct this? and also what can we do to prevent it from happening in the future.

Asked by: MUNNS  | Monday 3 August, 8.08pm | 3 answers

Can anyone help me get a copy of an article please?

My grandad was Harry Vaughan - an old boatman who spent his life working on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. A great deal of my childhood was spent with him on his boat "The Maywyn". Sadly he passed away 10 years ago now. I have started to try to research bits and pieces and came across an article that is listed in the Sep 84 issue of WW called "Boats and People" - I think my grandad may have written it. I remember him telling me he'd written up to the magazine. I can't seem to access it (even though Ive registered for the site) - can someone please help me to get this article ( I think it's on p25). Id be very grateful, thanks - Amanda.

Asked by: amanda o'halloran  | Saturday 1 August, 12.24pm | 1 answer

Locking 60 ffet boats in shorter locks

CAn you take a 60 foot boat up & down the Huddersfield Broad Canal, the Calder & Hebble Navigation by placing it diagonally in the locks?

Asked by: Stephen Cridford  | Friday 31 July, 6.35pm | 2 answers

First Boat

I'm new to boating and am confused by the array of boats on sale. I want one that is suitable for rivers, canals and estuaries. It should sleep 3-4. Any suggestions on models I should look at?

Asked by: Billy Fenton  | Wednesday 29 July, 4.24pm | 1 answer

domestic microwaves on boats

I have been using a domestic microwave on board the boat, but it's just been diagnosed as beyond economic repair.It was only just over 2 years old and was a decent brand. Is this related to the damp atmosphere or have I just been unlucky ? I would prefer to use a domestic micro to a specialist one but not if I have to replace it every 2 years.

Asked by: Sue Harding Hirst  | Wednesday 29 July, 2.57pm | 1 answer

whos who

Mike Christian/Jonathan Wilson/Tim Tyler/Lymm and Sheffield, is the boatyard in Lymm the same company as the Sheffield boatyard and do they all actually build narrowboats?

Asked by: Angela  | Thursday 23 July, 8.34am | 1 answer

water tank problem

I have recently painted the interior of my narrowboat water tank with the tank specific bitumastic from a well known chandlers and the water now tastes of bitumen despite bailing and refilling about 8 times. Anyone recommend a flexible tank liner company or should I just paint it again with a different brand?

Asked by: ian ridley  | Sunday 19 July, 6.55pm | 2 answers


Where in the magazine is its publication date. I cannot find it. I suggest you add it to your page 1 or are you ashamed of it?

Asked by: Graham Holt  | Sunday 19 July, 4.00pm | 1 answer

Narrow boat rental

I am a international Airline pilot who always makes a point to pick up your magazine whenever I am in the UK. For the rest of July I will be '€śovernighting'€ť in Birmingham. This means I will have two days and two nights there.
I am interested in renting a narrow boat for one night out of Birmingham or nearby. Do you have any information you could send me about boat rentals?

Asked by: Scott Young  | Friday 10 July, 2.22pm | 1 answer

Naming a New Boat

Is there any guidance on naming a narrowboat. Does a boat have to have a name? Are there any names that should be avoided?

Asked by: Janet Hubbard  | Sunday 5 July, 9.26pm | 3 answers

wide beam restrictions

what if any are wide beam restrictions withing the U.K.?

Asked by: lee piejus  | Sunday 5 July, 6.44pm | 1 answer

Boat Width

I bought a narrow boat and have just won a court case about it being to wide.There was a article about this in your magazine even though some facts were inccorect.the main fact was the boat builder said in court that he bought the hull from rouge builders.
any way the boat is 7ft and 1 sixteth of a inch at the front and 6ft 8 inches at the back, the boat builders solicitor has asked the court for time to get quotes for a boat builder to reduce the size to 6 ft 10inches at the front, is this safe and practical to do, will it put stress on the metal and cousre corrosion?

Asked by: P PREECE  | Friday 3 July, 9.59am | 2 answers

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