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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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gear box

I recently purchased a Lister HR2 used on a farm i believe its been reconditioned and i want to use it on my boat.Would a Hurth 2.1 gearbox be suitable? my HR2 is 30hp flat out and i've been told the flywheel turns the opposite way to marine HR2s but i havn't checked this yet. Thank you.

Asked by: claire21  | Tuesday 21 October, 9.14pm | 1 answer

On line licence checker

The on line licence checker is available at http://www.britishwaterways.co.uk:80/license-it/license-it-or-lose-it/online-boat-checker

Someone asked about it some time ago.

Asked by: Dave Cleaver  | Monday 20 October, 1.08pm | no answers yet - add one

top boxes

can you please tell me anyone who makes top boxes for narrow boats?

Asked by: john hooper  | Sunday 12 October, 2.37pm | 1 answer

about a article

could i get a copy of a article from june 2007 from page 97-99 how we used the ouse

Asked by: Eddy Grant  | Saturday 11 October, 11.51pm | 1 answer

Cost of Cruising

I am about to launch myself into a long held dream river cruising. I think I can find most of the information on the DVD's and magazines I have bought. But can anyone enlighten me as the cost (at red diesel rate) of a days' cruising!

Asked by: Bill Brown  | Wednesday 8 October, 11.31am | 2 answers

Can I get a long booking in London

I have a wish to hire a boat for say six months in 2010 and cruise as far north-west and north-east as is possible from London. Where might I find someone prepared to hire a 4 berth narrowboat to enable me to do this? Any suggestions gratefully received. David Stiff.

Asked by: David Stiff  | Monday 6 October, 3.30pm | 3 answers

boat insulation options

recent exchanges regarding the merits of different methods of insulation have been interesting, but i have yet to read an in depth comparision of the types of insulation available. November 2007 issue uncluded a review of Paul Garner's boat Destiny II, in which he used Thinsulate. How do all these insulation techniques compare by 'e' value, cost, ease of installation etc?

Asked by: brianfreeman  | Monday 6 October, 1.23pm | no answers yet - add one

narrow boat exchange

I want exchange or part exchange, my 52 ft narrow booat for a smaller one. Are there any brokers who'd do this? Or any suggestions how to go about it please

Asked by: sue jones  | Saturday 4 October, 5.58pm | 3 answers

Solar panels

I have a 57ft narrowboat which has four leisure(135) and one starter battery. I would like to fit solar panels to save running the engines. Any suggestions to number and size of panel would be appreciated.

Asked by: Peri Purnell  | Friday 3 October, 8.59am | 1 answer

Why does my battery use water?

I have 4 leisure batteries one of which runs dry in three of the six cells. Why is this?

Asked by: Peri Purnell  | Friday 3 October, 8.53am | 1 answer

WW October issue

Page 51 makes reference to a "licence checker" within the "Licence it or lose it" section of BW's web site. I can't find the facility - where is it? Have BW lost their nerve?

Asked by: Roger Michael  | Tuesday 30 September, 6.35pm | 2 answers

getting from river Dewent to Bristol channel

Im planning a trip from the river Dewent, going down the Nottingham canal to Leicester then under Birmingham to the Bristol channel. First of all, is this possible. And is there anyway that I can measure the distnce? Thank you.

Asked by: Paul Bassett  | Tuesday 30 September, 10.32am | 3 answers

Where can I buy this saucepan/oven?

A few years ago I purchased a pair of saucepans that could be used either as 2 pans or by turning one upside down on the other it bacame an oven you could use on top of the hob. I have done many fantastic roasts, stews, even bread and cakes in it. I now want to buy another one but can't find them anywhere. I purchased it at an inland waterways boatshow where they were demonstrating them. Any help with tracking down the supplier would be much appreciated.

Asked by: Jane Fisher  | Tuesday 23 September, 4.50pm | 1 answer

Lap Top Power Supply

My laptop battery does not last long enough for me and I don't want the noise of the engine running while I work. Any suggestions of how I can get power to it without draining my domestic battery. Am I correct in thinking that laptops are power hungry?

Asked by: Jane Fisher  | Sunday 21 September, 6.36am | 2 answers


Have you ever published articals on Charles Ballinger canal carrier Gloucester (died 1962).He was my uncle and gardian and I did start to write a book about him.

Asked by: JOHN LEE  | Wednesday 17 September, 11.29am | no answers yet - add one

Powering a computer on board

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a power lead to run my laptop on board a narrowboat. Surely all I need is a power lead with a three (round) pin plug on one end and a (correctly sized) jack on the other? But can I find anything? Plenty of in-car chargers, but they're designed for 'cigarette lighter' sockets and seem to have extra gubbins in between...

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Paul

Asked by: Paul Evans  | Tuesday 16 September, 7.07pm | 1 answer

Getting through Calder & Hebble

Living in Leeds, the Calder & Hebble is an important link for us. We are looking to buy our first narrowboat and I would love to hear from anyone who has actually taken a boat of more than 57' up the Calder & Hebble.

Asked by: Colin Wilks  | Monday 15 September, 9.15am | 1 answer

Ceramic tile adhesive

I am about to tile the bathroom in my narrowboat. What type of adhesive would you recommend for ceramic tiles on to unvarnished pylwood?

Asked by: Peter Heath  | Friday 12 September, 3.25pm | 1 answer

living on a canal boat

can anybody tell me if you live on a canal boat who do you pay and how much does it cost annually im new to this and thinking of selling my house and buying one...thanks....

Asked by: thomas roberts  | Friday 12 September, 10.14am | 1 answer

What anti-freeze to use in boat heating system

What anti-freeze should I use in my boats heating system? I have an Eberspacher heating radiators and a calorifier.

Asked by: Dave Cleaver  | Thursday 11 September, 5.01pm | 2 answers

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