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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Best in Show

could anyone tell me who won best (nb) in show at Crick this year, I was unable to attend and cannot find the information anywhere

Asked by: Richard Cracknell  | Friday 13 June, 11.30am | 4 answers

How do I trace the history of my boat?

We have just brought our first narrowboat which is an all steel crusier, built in 1974 by Fernie Fabrications, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. (It was apparently lengthened in the mid 80's by Teddesley Boat Company, Staffordshire).

I am wondering if you could tell me where I could find any information on the company who built it or the boat itself. I am eager to trace its history.

Thank you


Asked by: Ann   | Friday 13 June, 12.19am | 1 answer

wilderness boats

are they available?

Asked by: Frank Shaw.  | Thursday 12 June, 6.27pm | 3 answers

Cleaning of water tanks

what was the quantity of bleach recommended in an article about sterilising of watertanks (2007)?

Asked by: Gordon Maddox  | Thursday 5 June, 11.15pm | 3 answers

First Holiday

Is the Shropshire Union Canal ok for a first narrowboat holiday or have you other ideas?

Asked by: Ian Gladwin  | Monday 2 June, 6.21pm | 1 answer


Hi I am interested in reading the articles you wrote on the motor boat 'banstead' in 1997 also concerning the film 'the bargee', can I access this article or but a back issue of your magazine?

Thank you

Lucy Hadler

Asked by: lucy hadler  | Monday 2 June, 3.14pm | 1 answer

Help with lifejackets

I was wondering if you can help me. I need to buy a life jacket as we run teambuilding courses on the canal and have a school age work experience student coming out on the course. I would like it to be the a size that fits all adults and to be quite small and not too bulky. My budget is about £100. Any ideas??

Asked by: CJ  | Thursday 29 May, 2.32pm | 1 answer

any good suggestions for boat insurance for older boats

I have a old BCN riveted steel plate hulled boat ca. 1930 - converted 1963 into two smaller boats. Over the last few years it has been increasingly difficult to get reasonably priced boat insurance for such an old vessel.

Does anybody have any suggestions for possible companies I could approach.


Asked by: rik brydson  | Wednesday 28 May, 3.12pm | 2 answers

Leisure or Residential

On Waterscape the term lisure/Residential is defined as:

"A residential mooring is one which has planning consent from the local planning authority for use as a primary residence and is authorised for such use by BW. A leisure mooring is not to be used by people intending to use their boat as their main residence."

I work away from home and therefore would be on my Narrowboat just 4 nights per week "Leisure" but many marinas say local councils do not allow this. Is there any way you can check, I am sure this applies to many people. I have a boat at the side of me in Thames and Kennet Marina who was moved from Froud's Bridge for staying more then 3 nights in any week.

Asked by: Brent Brown  | Tuesday 27 May, 11.57am | 1 answer

Which lock flight?

In the May 2008 WW, on p 72, what is the lock flight that the narrow boat is climbing? Is it Audlem?

Asked by: John Colville  | Wednesday 14 May, 5.18am | 1 answer


I'm thinking of living on a boat.

QS: how do I receive my post ( litters )?

Asked by: Philip Yardley  | Sunday 11 May, 6.49pm | 1 answer

Realtime GPS/laptop based position plotting software

I remember seeing a short news article

about a software package which could be run on a laptop with a GPS connected and would provide a realtime moving map of your position I now cant rember the details Help please!

Asked by: tony Gill  | Saturday 10 May, 11.58am | 4 answers

slipper stern

are there any disadvatages of a slipper stern on a narrow boat ??

Asked by: jake martin  | Wednesday 7 May, 8.21pm | 3 answers

length +width dimensions UK and Europe

Hello, I have seen the maximum length maps. Are there similar maps available for width restrictions ? Do similar European maps exist? Thanks

Asked by: jaltrip  | Thursday 1 May, 2.45pm | 2 answers

Visitor moorings in Liverpool?

I understand the new link in Liverpool will not be open until spring 2009. We would like to visit Liverpool this summer as it is the City of Culture this year. What is visitor mooring like in Liverpool? Where, how much space and is it secure? Thanks

Asked by: Philip Dale  | Thursday 1 May, 12.19pm | 1 answer

Single-handing through swing-bridges

A reader phoned up with a question this morning: he's thinking of buying a narrowboat for use on the L&L, but would be single-handing. He's worried about passage through the frequent, broad swing-bridges. Can anyone offer tips?

Asked by: Richard Fairhurst  | Thursday 24 April, 1.37pm | 1 answer

Baby oil to polish

I heard a tip to shine a narrowboat was to spray baby oil on the paintwork. I have done this and it does shine beautifully. Is this safe to do?

Asked by: richard gregory  | Wednesday 23 April, 6.44pm | 1 answer

Vibration on tiller

What causes vibration on the tiller and how can it be reduced?

Asked by: richard gregory  | Wednesday 23 April, 6.41pm | 2 answers

4 Counties - which way round?

In June with 6 friends we will be setting off from Etruria in Stoke on Trent.. we are just debating which way round we should tackle the 4 counties route - any suggestions?

Asked by: Helsie  | Monday 21 April, 11.36am | 2 answers


Over the winter our narrowboat's engine compartment became flooded,covering about 2/3rds of engine, we have dried out all electrical's but she still won't start, could it be the altinator, thats damaged?

Asked by: Mr P Jones  | Monday 21 April, 8.21am | 4 answers

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