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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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length +width dimensions UK and Europe

Hello, I have seen the maximum length maps. Are there similar maps available for width restrictions ? Do similar European maps exist? Thanks

Asked by: jaltrip  | Thursday 1 May, 2.45pm | 2 answers

Visitor moorings in Liverpool?

I understand the new link in Liverpool will not be open until spring 2009. We would like to visit Liverpool this summer as it is the City of Culture this year. What is visitor mooring like in Liverpool? Where, how much space and is it secure? Thanks

Asked by: Philip Dale  | Thursday 1 May, 12.19pm | 1 answer

Single-handing through swing-bridges

A reader phoned up with a question this morning: he's thinking of buying a narrowboat for use on the L&L, but would be single-handing. He's worried about passage through the frequent, broad swing-bridges. Can anyone offer tips?

Asked by: Richard Fairhurst  | Thursday 24 April, 1.37pm | 1 answer

Baby oil to polish

I heard a tip to shine a narrowboat was to spray baby oil on the paintwork. I have done this and it does shine beautifully. Is this safe to do?

Asked by: richard gregory  | Wednesday 23 April, 6.44pm | 1 answer

Vibration on tiller

What causes vibration on the tiller and how can it be reduced?

Asked by: richard gregory  | Wednesday 23 April, 6.41pm | 2 answers

4 Counties - which way round?

In June with 6 friends we will be setting off from Etruria in Stoke on Trent.. we are just debating which way round we should tackle the 4 counties route - any suggestions?

Asked by: Helsie  | Monday 21 April, 11.36am | 2 answers


Over the winter our narrowboat's engine compartment became flooded,covering about 2/3rds of engine, we have dried out all electrical's but she still won't start, could it be the altinator, thats damaged?

Asked by: Mr P Jones  | Monday 21 April, 8.21am | 4 answers

Page 103 May 2008 Edition

In Pretty as a picture the top right is my husband & I on our boat Blackwatch. I am racking my brain to find a Bridge 56 which has a lock behind it, can you please confirm where it is. thanks.

I am able to send a picture of Balckwatch and recent picture taken at Braunston a couple of weekends ago.

Asked by: Carole Walker  | Thursday 17 April, 8.50am | 2 answers


who are considerd to be the best shell builders ie:top 6

Asked by: simon curry-taylor  | Wednesday 16 April, 5.33pm | 2 answers

How can I get on the Internet from my boat?

I'd like to be able to connect to the Internet from my boat. I have a laptop computer, but in the absence of a landline, don't know how to connect. Can you help?

Asked by: Frequently Asked Question  | Friday 11 April, 9.27pm | 4 answers

What length narrowboat should I buy?

I'm looking to buy a new narrowboat. I'd like it to be as long as possible, but I understand that some canals have shorter locks. What's the maximum length I can buy and still be able to cruise all the system?

Asked by: Frequently Asked Question  | Friday 11 April, 1.18pm | 2 answers

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