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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Photograph of Simone of Black Prince

Please can you advise on how I would obtain a photograph printed in the Feb 1996 edition of Waterways world. The photo depicts The black prince hire boat simone sitting half sunk at the bottom of a pound.

Many thanks


Asked by: ian  | Tuesday 15 July, 3.59pm | no answers yet - add one

J&J Crook ?

Hi there i have a 42ft cruiser stern narrowboat which i have owned for about 9 months now and would like to know more about its builders J&J Crook. I have tried looking arond the net but cant seem to find any reference to them anywhere. I believe my boat to be around a 1980 build it is fitted with a lister st2 motor which goin by the numbers on the engine was made in 1979 . It also has JJC scrolled on the bow either side. Any help given to find out a bit of information about my boat and its roots would be greatly appreciated

Regards D Price.

Asked by: Dave Price  | Monday 14 July, 6.52pm | 6 answers

a.m. radio interference

Hi there. I just got a new boat and I am wondering how can I listen to a.m. radio without the engine interference while boating?


Asked by: steven  | Monday 14 July, 5.14pm | no answers yet - add one

model narrowboat

hello everyone i am new to the waterways site i am looking to build a model narrowboat that is radio controlled i want the size to be about 4feet long being disabled this is going to be an on going hobby i would be very gratefull if anyone could put me in touch with someone who supplies plans or advice on building model narrowboats thanks very much keith

Asked by: keith blakey  | Sunday 13 July, 12.08am | 4 answers

Make your own fenders

I'd like to make Bow & Stern Fenders for my own use - can anybody point me in the direction of a good book / article etc ?


Asked by: andysharpe  | Thursday 10 July, 1.48pm | 1 answer

boat registration numbers

how can I find the history of my narrow boat from the indentification number

Asked by: j gallagher  | Thursday 10 July, 12.11pm | 1 answer

Renting a houseboat in London

I would like to live on a narrowboat/houseboat in East London for 12 months.

I am not in a position to buy - I have searched on the internet but most of the rental sites seem to be for holidays rather than living.

What's the best way to go about finding a houseboat for rent, or even a room in a shared boat?



Asked by: Lu  | Tuesday 8 July, 11.34pm | 1 answer

narrow boat paint

I have bought a 45'narrow boat that was sunk for 6 months I have completly stripped inside should I use an undercoat before I spray foam inside?

And what undercoat can I paint the hull with I have mechanially wire brushed the existing paint it was dull black

Asked by: Mike Dack  | Tuesday 8 July, 7.51pm | 1 answer


what are the lock lenght limits on leeds and liverpool

Asked by: macca  | Tuesday 8 July, 8.11am | 2 answers

wide canal

how to get a widebeam boat from southern canal system to northern one? It is possible? Bedford link?

Asked by: Angela  | Sunday 6 July, 12.45pm | 1 answer

Your Index

I have a subscription to WW. Is there any way of using the web site to search for Issue/Page Numbers relating to articles/letters etc on a particular subject without knowing the exact title.

i.e. a general search such as say - " Powering PCs with Inverters" ?

Mike Brown.

Asked by: Mike Brown  | Sunday 6 July, 12.39pm | 1 answer

single handed hire boat

Do hire companies allow one to hire a narrowboat singlehanded?

Asked by: Paul Morris  | Friday 4 July, 7.23am | 2 answers


should i have a thermostat in a chevy 350 motor with thru haul exhaust

Asked by: paul lopez  | Thursday 3 July, 1.42am | 1 answer

Boat Planner

I have used the Boat Planner, but would like to save it into 'Word' so I can add some fine detail with the drawing tools, and also so I can select what i want to print - I have tried the @edit with Microsoft Word' option on my computer, but it tells me to install Adobe Flashplayer which I have done, but still not luck - please can you help?

Asked by: Pip Haynes  | Monday 30 June, 2.47pm | 1 answer

What anchor

I wish to cruise inland river navigations such as the Thames and Weaver, and need to equip my 60 foot narrowboat with an anchor.

What weigh anchor will I require, and do I need any special hull fixings ?

Asked by: Andy Packwood  | Monday 30 June, 11.25am | 2 answers

How powerful an inverter do I need to run a desktop computer?

I want to run items such as TV, DVD and desk top computer, what sort of power inverter would I need?

Asked by: Mandy Wright  | Monday 30 June, 10.36am | 2 answers

Solar Power

Can we have an article some time on the installation and use of solar power please.

Asked by: Ifor Barton  | Saturday 28 June, 9.19pm | 2 answers

Single-handed lock operation...

Many many years ago my Daddy wrote an article for WW detailing how to operate locks single-handedly. Unfortunately he lent his copy of the magazine to someone and it was never returned :( All this happened before I was born and I never got to read his article. Just wondering if anyone can remember this article, or if there's a copy in the magazine archives I could please have a look at...?

Thank you!

Asked by: H Chadwick  | Friday 27 June, 5.48pm | 1 answer

thermostat housing

hi readers, does anybody have any idea where i could find a thermostat housing cover for my BMC 2.2 deisel engine. i live in west london, so far i'm having no luck richard

Asked by: Richard Cracknell  | Sunday 22 June, 4.56pm | 2 answers

Additional Symbols

I really like the design facility, it gives substance to my dream, well done. Is it possible to add some more symbols? Fridge, Worktops, Walls and the all important loo. Keep up the good work.

Asked by: Jeff Bennett  | Sunday 22 June, 9.47am | 1 answer

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