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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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boat heating

As the temperature starts to fall we will be needing the heating back on. Ive got a pretty good system. Only complaint is central heating does not work off engine heat but hot water produced both from engine and central heating. My biggest gripe is because the calorifier is at the back of the boat and sink, basins and shower at the front you have t orun off so much water before it starts running hot. was thinking of fitting one of these,https://www.aquahot.co.uk/hyco-sf10k-speedflow-premier-undersink-unvented-water-heater-10l#reviews, 1.2kW of course. By the sink but on the hot line rather than cold. I appreciate it will not be any good for a shower but be nice not emptying the calorifier just to fill the sink. Any thoughts or recommendations of how others have got around this concern? I do not what to install gas on the boat. Thanks

Asked by: John Lawson  | Friday 2 September, 1.43pm | 5 answers

September issue

I have not received my September issue yet. When can I expect to get it?

Asked by: Ann Johnston  | Thursday 1 September, 3.22pm | 1 answer

Tidal Ouse

I'm going to be heading from Chester up to Ripon on 1st October. 180 miles and 154 locks. I have never taken my boat onto a river, just canals. I'm not worried about the journey, other than the tidal river ouse. How scary is that section and can anyone offer me any advice on mooring on it, as I'm sure it can't be done in a day. Timing the tides? Help?

Asked by: Carl  | Thursday 1 September, 11.03am | 8 answers

How much heating?

We are having an old 30ft springer narrowboat completely refitted. Space is at a premium so we're considering not having the woodburner. The hull has been well insulated with kingspan insulation normally used in house building, and the carpenter reckons it's about 10deg cooler in than out on a sunny day. Of course I'm more concerned about what it will be like in the winter and wondering what our (cheap) heating options are without the woodburner. The other half reckons just leaving the oven on for a bit would do it, but I'm not so sure. We're not going to be living aboard, just leisure boating.

Asked by: Fran  | Wednesday 31 August, 11.13am | 2 answers

Engine bay / stern gland bay - tap

I recently noticed that there is a tap connecting the engine bay to the stern gland bay, so I should be able to use the stern gland pump to empty the engine bay of water/fuel/oil. Whilst it would not be right/legal to dump these liquids in to the canal as I can collect it in a bucket, is the pump designed to deal with oil or will it ruin the pump?

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | Tuesday 30 August, 10.09pm | 3 answers

2 volt battery

I have been told that power cell who make 2 volt batteries ,linking together would be a better system than my 4 x 135amp 12 volt batteries . your thoughts would be helpfull as i,m a bit sceptical as that means a lot more wiring and space .

Asked by: mick turner  | Saturday 27 August, 2.20pm | 3 answers

broad beam in foulrifge tunnel

Hi, can anybody advise if it ok to take a broadbeam with fixed wheelhouse through foulridge tunnel? If so any recommendations for protecting the wheelhouse sides? boat width 12ft, air draft 7ft 8ins. I just made it through Rentons Bridge on the Ripon canal recently if that helps. Thanks

Asked by: John Lawson  | Friday 19 August, 2.41pm | 3 answers

Suitable anchor

I have taken over a 62ft 17tonne nb which has a 16kg Britany anchor. Having looked at a couple of marine sites is this anchor man enough for the boat to hold her in a river?. There is chain and shackles and rope to hold the boat to the anchor. Any advice would be appreciated
Thank you
nb Jamdrew of Larkfield

Asked by: bill goad  | Wednesday 17 August, 11.36am | 3 answers

Replacing halogen with LED lighting on a narrowboat

I want to replace halogen lighting on my 4 yr old narrowboat with equivalent LED. Halogen bulbs are marked 12v 10w. Nobody seems to do an equivalent. The nearest is a MR16 -10L from Bedazled but this is the equivalent of a 20w bulb, twice my current bulbs. Will this be too bright? There are 28 halogen lights on my boat. What LEDs are fitters using now?

Asked by: Eamonn Hallmark  | Tuesday 16 August, 3.50pm | 2 answers

Broken Window catch.

I have broken one of the catches on a hopper window. It is from a Cauldwells window about 10 years old; one of spoon shaped aluminium catches attached by a bolt through the glass. They are no longer available from the manufacturers.
I would appreciate any suggestions about a possible source of a spare, or an alternative to replace this.

Asked by: Tom Ainsworth  | Friday 5 August, 8.10pm | 1 answer


I am told fibreglass boats deteriorate over time. What is the bast means of preserving?

Asked by: g. williams  | Tuesday 2 August, 11.08am | 2 answers


I have a fair bit of rust on the floor of the bow on my cruiser style narrowboat ( the built in water tank is beneath this area)
I have been told to strip back the rust then use Vactan before a primer and then a few coats of paint
Can anyone suggest a good primer and top coat paint ?
I'm hoping to also loosen the bolts to the water tank cover so I can see what's going on inside !!!!
And suggestions would be much appreciated

Asked by: josie pledge  | Saturday 23 July, 7.59pm | 3 answers

Boat security

In light of a recent report of a narrowboat being stolen, I was wondering if there are additional engine security devices similar to those fitted to cars, for example, immobilisers that would prevent a boats engine being started without a transponder fob. We are yet to buy our boat but if seems me that this most basic of security features is overlooked. Maybe it will be a case of buying an immobiliser unit intended for use in cars and adapting it to suit.

Asked by: Raymond Fowler  | Thursday 21 July, 2.05pm | 4 answers

Control of Hire-boat Company Locations

Is there anything that CRT can do to stop hire-boat companies from mooring their boats two or three deep leaving only space for one boat to proceed for sometimes quite a distance.

Asked by: grayham pope  | Thursday 21 July, 12.19pm | no answers yet - add one

Infrared heating

Has anyone experience of infrared heating for their boat?

Asked by: C Baldwin  | Wednesday 13 July, 5.46pm | 6 answers

Price for fitting an inverter.

A retired boater lady neighbour has purchased a used inverter to replace her old, broken one.
Her usual mobile service engineer wants £150 to fit it and I believe that is way too expensive.
He will travel 15 miles to be here.
Any advice is appreciated.
Mr Smith.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Monday 11 July, 6.36pm | 1 answer

Info for publication

Please can you tell me the lead time for information to go into the September issue
Many Thanks

Asked by: Harold Bond  | Wednesday 6 July, 12.18pm | 3 answers


Should I secure a mooring before buying a narrowboat?

Asked by: David Croft  | Monday 4 July, 5.46am | 3 answers

Lombardini engines

What are they like

Asked by: Tony Price  | Friday 1 July, 1.26pm | 1 answer

Printers on board

Has anyone got any tips for using/storing/locating a printer on board? We have a fairly standard 57' narrowboat, with a fair bit of storage, but I am after a nice designed solution. Alternatively could anyone recommend a small printer. Most seem very large with (not required) scanning screens.

Asked by: owen  | Wednesday 29 June, 8.28pm | 5 answers

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