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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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engine problem

I have an SR2 Lister hand start ,problem is fuel not reaching injectors any ideas .thanks

Asked by: John Bedford  | Wednesday 27 January, 12.46pm | 6 answers

Can you change the name of a narrowboat?

Is it possible to change the name of a narrowboat? If it is, then how does one go about it (apart from the obvious re-painting)?

Asked by: Rod Nelson  | Tuesday 26 January, 1.36pm | 1 answer

wooden boat repair

HI there, I am considering purchasing a wooden narrowboat and am looking for someone that would be able to do some re-skinning and replace floor and treat bilges. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Asked by: Amanda Kelleher  | Monday 25 January, 2.33pm | 1 answer


As my previous question was a little vague I thought I would be a bit more technical. What I need is to nset up a wifi system within the boat to operate laptops wifi speaker system .I would also like to know the best type of antenna to fit to the outside of the boat to receive the signal from outside

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | Wednesday 20 January, 5.23pm | 1 answer


What is the best type of inverter for a live aboard boat with extended cruising in mind and which system is best ie stand alone or to have 2 inverters in a piggy back system

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | Wednesday 13 January, 5.29pm | 3 answers

Battery charging

Advice please on keeping. BAtteries charged during winter

Asked by: Ken jones  | Tuesday 5 January, 3.32pm | 2 answers

how do i delete unwanted cad designs?

I am using your cad boatplanner and have done over 20 different versions of various lengths and types. I would like to delete some of the earlier versions, but cannot see how to do that. Please let me know how I do.

Asked by: philip derby  | Wednesday 16 December, 6.06pm | no answers yet - add one

Spiercraft 24ft Narrowboat

Can anybody help me track down any info on my boat?
I do believe it was built by either N&M or M&N Narrowboats between 1990 - 1995. The model is Spiercraft 24ft with an Honda GD1250 engine. Any advise or info would be of great help😊

Asked by: Jason Hulme  | Wednesday 9 December, 8.36pm | 2 answers

Size of Stern Gland Packing

1. How do I determine the size of stern gland packing. The shaft on my narrowboat is 30 mm dia. but the gland does not appear to have any marking to indicate size of packing required. Apart from taking off the for'd cover and measuring the clearance how do I know which size packing to purchase?
2. Is it necessary to cut the new packing into circles before fitting, rather than fitting in 1 piece in a spiral, which might provide a better seal.

Asked by: Peter McLaren  | Tuesday 17 November, 12.23pm | 3 answers

Non residential mooring

If I take a non residential mooring at my local marina the rules are that I can stay on my boat for 120 days per annum. My question is if I take the mooring for 6 months, does this mean I can only stay on my boat for 60 days during this 6 month period.

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | Friday 13 November, 4.03pm | 1 answer

TV Licence

If I use one of my home televisions on my Narrowboat, do I need another Licence? Advise please.

Asked by: Michael Clement  | Monday 9 November, 6.16pm | 2 answers


I have just commissioned a new boat my first. As we intend to live aboard and hope to cruise quite a lot. We have now started to look at the needs we require ie wifi satellite tv. So before we spend large amounts of money we would like to know which systems work best many thanks Tom G

Asked by: Tom Grocott  | Saturday 7 November, 5.47pm | 2 answers

TV aerial

Does anyone have any information on the effectiveness of the small rectangular TV aerials which have appeared on a number of boats recently?

Asked by: Tom Ainsworth  | Saturday 31 October, 5.22pm | 2 answers

Sterling inverter

In the the three years I've had my boat I've had two cheap inverters, which have broken. 1 actually exploded in a cloud of smoke and blue flames!! This led me to buy a 3500w Sterling pure sine. Now this works perfectly (touch wood) and runs everything. However, the fan always seems to be on and it's quite noisy. When I run something like my coffee machine, the fan becomes much louder, so it's obviously working as it should. But should the fan always be on? Neither of the other two inverters ran their fans until voltage was being used (or the fridge kicked in). Is this a Sterling thing?

Asked by: Carl  | Wednesday 28 October, 11.43am | 1 answer

Victron energy monitor

I use a Victron energy monitor and I find it extremely useful for knowing the state of charge of my batteries. I recently made the mistake of using a slow cooker while moored up for a couple of days. My batteries dropped to about 75%, which isn't really a problem because I have a couple of 100w solar pannels which charge the batteries when I'm hooked up in a marina (I usually am). When I got back to the marina, over a couple of days I watched the charge increase by about 5% per day. But, from being on 85%, an hour later I glanced at the monitor and it was saying 100%? Why would that be. My batteries don't charge when I'm hooked up, I rely completely on solar to recharge them.

Asked by: Carl  | Wednesday 28 October, 11.38am | 2 answers

Battery maths don't add up!

I have been monitoring my battery voltage levels recently and the battery voltage level seems to be far lower than what I would expect.
If I charge the batteries fully from a mains three step charger and disconnect this and leave them overnight the voltage has dropped to about 12V.
I have calculated the load to be about 50Ah overnight and the batteries are three 110Ah lead acid sealed leisure connected in parallel and are about 3 months old.
To me the voltage should not be dropping that low. I have noticed the main battery lead is connected to just the first battery and the other two are connected in parallel to this. Could this be a problem or is it possible I already have a dead battery?

Asked by: Adam Savory  | Wednesday 28 October, 9.23am | 1 answer

Water tank size for constant cruiser?

I am considering getting a narrowboat in London and was wondering, if I'm a constant cruiser, what size water tank should I get, and how regularly do you recommend I top it up/clean it out?

Asked by: Chloe T  | Tuesday 27 October, 5.29pm | 2 answers


With an inverter, 300w - 600w peak, can you wire it directly into a 12v power point on the boat? Say an existing 12v plug socket or has it got to be wired direct to the battery?

Asked by: Jason Hulme  | Thursday 22 October, 7.02pm | 1 answer

Generator Power

I'm considering buying a generator for my boat. I'm reading a lot about the "earthing" of them. I'm in a marina with pontoons. How do I earth it as no bank or earth is near?

Asked by: Jason Hulme  | Sunday 18 October, 8.16am | 1 answer


I have a collection of waterways world magazines. 245 in total, including the very first editions. I would like £100 for these. If you know of anyone who is interested would you please pass on my email address: margaretor@btconnect.com or my mob: 07787748433. Thank you. Margaret

Asked by: Margaret O'Riley  | Saturday 17 October, 5.07pm | no answers yet - add one

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