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Narrowboat Anchor for River Use.

What would be a suitable anchor for a 60 ft narrowboat. Weight and type of anchor. Weight and length of chain. Size and length of rope. Where to attach on the boat. Stern is handy for the helmsman. Please reply to jim@caudle.co.uk

Asked by: Jim Caudle  | Tuesday 13 October, 2.42pm | 2 answers

Honda Diesel GD1250 21bhp

I've just bought a 24ft narrowboat that came with the above engine. Can anyone tell me where I can get a user manual from?
Not to sound like a cheap skate, preferably free of charge.
Cheers Jase

Asked by: Jason Hulme  | Tuesday 6 October, 1.29pm | 4 answers

Reducing engine noise

I have cruiser stern with a barrus shire 50hp, which I have tyred to reduce the sound with stick on foam/rubber/foil insulation. This has reduced the sound quite a lot, but inside the boat the sound is still quite loud. On yachts the engine is insulated very close to the engine, and i was wondering if enclosing the engine within the engine bay would be the next step. I would like to know if it's safe to do regarding engine temperature. I was thinking if it was OK, to vent out off the air intake on the airfillter.The back deck has also been raised by about 150mm.The exhaust is standard, but was told the hospital ones don't make much difference!
many thanks

Asked by: anthony spanswick  | Monday 5 October, 8.37pm | 3 answers



Asked by: MICK BAINES  | Saturday 3 October, 11.45am | 1 answer

Boat review with heat exchanger fitted.

can you tell me which magazine had a boat review with a adler heat exchanger fitted.

Asked by: Rowan Marriott  | Tuesday 29 September, 11.42pm | 1 answer

Pump out toilet

Hi - any thoughts on the best pump out toilet to replace a cassette. It will have to be fitted on the top of the black water tank already installed in the boat's bathroom at the stern
Thanks BG

Asked by: bill goad  | Monday 14 September, 5.06pm | 1 answer


Should the hot water enter the skin tank at the top or bottom of tank mine is going to the bottom.I Have I have long pipes from engine room to skin tank. Having cooling problems.

Asked by: Alan Milchard  | Sunday 13 September, 8.44pm | 3 answers

Short Jetty

I am looking for tips for mooring against a short jetty (less than half the length of the boat).
I only have T mooring points on the 2 rear edges and 1 front centre. At the moment I am struggling to stop the front swinging out without having a line rubbing the side of the cabin. The boat is backed in as I don't have a front door.
Can I drill into the gunnel and add a point midway down?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Asked by: Adam Savory  | Tuesday 8 September, 8.57pm | 3 answers

Adding an engine

I'm looking to buy my first canal boat and have fallen in love with a very very old one that is a liveaboard but has never had an engine. Unfortunately I don't have a horse to pull it along like they used to so I was wondering if it is ever possible to just *add an engine*? If not I will try my best to get a bit more realistic. Thank you boaters.

Asked by: sazzlef  | Friday 28 August, 6.48pm | 1 answer

Window catches fall off

Has anyone found a better way than I have of fixng aluminium window catches to the glass panes? I use superglue but they're forever falling off.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Sunday 23 August, 2.13pm | 2 answers

Springer Hull Dateing

How can you date a Spinger narrow boat hull

Asked by: John Dymond  | Sunday 16 August, 4.50pm | 1 answer


Hi, when stopping or reversing the sound from the prop changes. It sounds like gravel hitting the boat or maybe air bubbles. Is this normal!
I have a 18x15 prop with around 1 1/4" top clearance using a 50 hp shire 150 gearbox. I did have a 18x10 prop and that did the same, I changed it because it was under proped and I bent the old one. Many thanks

Asked by: anthony spanswick  | Wednesday 12 August, 7.28pm | 4 answers

single-handed boat hire

I would like to see if I would enjoy a narrowboat. Everywhere I look it says try a holiday first but I am on my own. Does anyone know of a company which would hire to a single-hander?

Asked by: Tony Child  | Tuesday 11 August, 8.45am | 2 answers


I would like to fit a larger capacity alternator to my 3 cylinder Barrus shires diesel has anyone done this and if so what alternator is possible? I really would like 120 or more

Asked by: ian  | Monday 10 August, 4.22pm | 1 answer

Are you in need of an umbrella under £9?

Go to link below. [I do not have any connection to the company for this link or any other connection to it]. http://www.dragoncarpdirect.com/dragon-carp-fishing-umbrella-943188?colcode=94318816&utm_source=dragoncarp-150807&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FishOnFriday-150807

Asked by: Gary  | Friday 7 August, 11.05pm | 2 answers

Fracino Dual Fuel coffee machine

Hi i have just started up a mobile Coffee Cab and had a problem today the machine after 3 hours decided to flash on the panel and wouldnt work anymore I cant see any manual online what do i do? ideas what this means when all lights flash all the time on the panel.

Asked by: Le Quench   | Thursday 30 July, 10.33pm | 2 answers


Can you give me the contact no or the address of the lovely elderly gentlemen selling vanishes and abrasives.
He was on the bank round towards the boat trips at Crick show. many thanks.

Asked by: Dave Cox  | Thursday 30 July, 6.08am | 2 answers


In addition to previous question regarding the problems with my starter motor only clicking when I turn the key, on further investigation I have read the engines wireing diagram and it shows the wire from the ignition switch going to a relay then from there to the starter solenoid, I have however discovered that the previous owner has at sometime , bypassed the starter relay and installed a cable straight from the ignition switch to the stater solenoid. Is there any need for this additional relay or Could this be what is causing the problem. the engine is a Barus Shanks 35

Asked by: philip wiggin  | Tuesday 28 July, 10.29am | no answers yet - add one

Propellor spec

I have a 36' Fernie boat built ca. 1973 with an SR2 engine, which I have owned since the late '70s. It has always been rather slow and dreadful in reverse, so my ears pricked up when I was told very recently that these boats were often supplied with a propellor that was deliberately 'under-powered' so that novice hirers wouldn't get into trouble! The boat had a 'spare' propellor when I bought it, which I have always assumed to be just an eccentric purchase by the previous owner. However I now wonder (after all these years!) whether it was a better performance prop that the previous owner had bought but not got round to fitting!
My recent informant told me that the improved prop would be stamped '12 by 17'. However the 'spare' prop only has the numbers '360 02550' stamped on it.
Can anyone:
a) Confirm the story about 'under-powered props' for hire boats
b) Tell me what '12 by 17' means for a prop and how I could measure it.
c) Explain the significance of the '360 02550' - unless of course it is just a serial number.
Many thanks

Asked by: John Martin  | Wednesday 22 July, 12.52pm | 2 answers

Slipway or crane on river Nene

I need to take a 65ft 18 tonne narrowboat out of the water for a survey either on a slipway or arcane. She is located in Oundle on the river Nene ... Could you help me locate the nearest place that can handle a big boat like this .... Thank you , Andrew

Asked by: andrew furnival  | Wednesday 22 July, 9.50am | 1 answer

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