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what anchor?

I have a 53ft narrowboat, what type of anchor do I need, how heavy should it be, what length and what size of chain and length and size of rope? I have read so many articles and am more confused. What is the most likely sonario that I would need to use a anchor in the first place?
Many Thanks
David Gibbons. ND Lazy Daze.

Asked by: david gibbons  | Sunday 15 March, 9.21pm | 1 answer

Bollard mooring

Its an assumption, I'm not a narrow-boater, I'm in USA editing an article, are canal bollard moorings for temporary, live mooring; rather than secure long term mooring? I've seen them on approach of a lock.

Asked by: rmalcolm  | Sunday 15 March, 7.40pm | 2 answers

Folding seat as in feb issue on dune lark narrowboat

Is there any plans or advice on building this great looking space saving seat

Asked by: catherine sloan  | Sunday 15 March, 10.34am | 2 answers

heater on petrol engine boat

Can I install a diesel water central heating boiler on my petrol engine boat.I cant find the answer in the Boat safety guide.

Asked by: laurence  | Wednesday 11 March, 8.20pm | 5 answers

48 hr moorings

if I use the last ring on the 48hr mooring and the rest of my boat is on pins am I ok for 14 days, my boat is 57 feet, thank you.

Asked by: andy wakler  | Tuesday 10 March, 10.02pm | 1 answer

How much Horse Power does a Narrowboat Need?

I am new to boating, but loved my first narrowboat holiday last year, and am considering whether to buy my own boat. Living in Derby, I would probably want to navigate the river Trent at some point. How much horse power should a narrowboat in the 40 - 60 foot range require for river cruising?

Asked by: Rod Nelson  | Tuesday 10 March, 12.28pm | 3 answers

Stiff rudder

I have a new 60ft narrow boat and when the rpm is over 1000 it is very hard to move the tiller to steer. why

Asked by: Tony Wilkinson  | Sunday 8 March, 10.57am | 3 answers

Engine Temperature

Hi, Thankyou for your quick reply.
The barrus shire 50 is fitted to a 65 foot narrow boat which was fitted 2 years ago and now has 235 hrs on the clock. The thermostats have both been replaced now to rule out any problems reguarding the opening, shutting at the corrected temperature. As I said before the old were tested and performed ok.
The problem seems to be with the thermostat housing to the skin tank, after just 5mins of the engine running at 1100 rrpm in gear, there is warm water going to the skin tank. Barrus have said there is a small hole (1mm) to allow a flow to reduce back pressure. If you clamp off this pipe and run the engine after just 20 mins the temperature on the clarifier flow is 70c, return 66c and the temp gauge is showing 80c.
By clamping the pipe this gets the system working, after 45 mins the skin tank pipe was still cool between the housing and the clamp but the engine temp gauge was displaying just under 100c. My thermocouple was reading around 87,deg but I felt it was best to remove the clamp at this point. Do you know if this is common practice to have a small hole to relieve back pressure in some way, I dont think it works in this way on vehicles.

Asked by: Nick  | Friday 6 March, 5.09pm | 1 answer

Engine temperture

My Shire 50 diesel engine dose not seem to reach what I think is it's normal operating temperature of 82degrees. Checking with thermocouple probe the max temp I can detect is 60 degrees after running the engine for 90 minutes. I have removed the thermostats (2) and checked by heating in a sauce pan and both proved okay. Can you help!

Asked by: Nick  | Wednesday 4 March, 7.22pm | 2 answers

Three Brown wires

I recently removed a 12v fluorescent light from the wall in my boat and didn't note the connections. When I came to look at the wires, there were three brown ones. How can I deduce which is positive and negative so I can put in a new light. Yours with hope, RF

Asked by: Robert Fresson  | Tuesday 3 March, 12.26pm | 3 answers

12V Wiring

Having now bought a 12v fridge to replace the old gas one, we have discovered there is no 12v wiring to the kitchen side of the boat. Now Hubby is an electrical engineer so installation won't be a problem
per-se but we need to know the following. Traditionally DC cables were red/black but is this still the case and if so where can we source it as drawing blanks? If it has changed, can you tell us the new colour codes? Also, is there a good book on marine electrics out there? He is keen to book a course but nothing available that he can attend until June but we really need the fridge installed before then. Thanks.

Asked by: Debbie Frankland  | Monday 2 March, 8.04pm | 1 answer

Battery blues

On my narrowboat I have been charging my batteries through a RAC car battery charger. I'm sure this is foolish but I am not a boat expert and it seemed to keep everything working for the past four years. No so anymore. If I disconnect the charger the lights go dim, the water-pump stops pumping and now, even when plugged in, the engine won't start and just clicks at me. I'm guessing my cheap charging solution has wrecked my batteries so its probably time to start from scratch...but how should I approach this electro-overhaul? Yours hopefully, RF
PS. I am (clearly) a boating electrics novice.

Asked by: Robert Fresson  | Monday 2 March, 7.43pm | 5 answers


Hi, To charge my traction batterys I use a sterling 60 amp charger @14.8 or 15.1volts. when the batterys are being charged from solar or wind, they are getting around 13 volts. Does this mean due to the lower voltage the batterys wont ever rewch fully charged (float mode) by solar or wind alone.

Asked by: anthony spanswick  | Monday 2 March, 1.59pm | 6 answers

Conversion to LED lights

Has anybody had any experience of converting Lumo fluorescent light fittings to fit LED tubes into the housing. Is there a conversion kit out there?

Asked by: bill goad  | Sunday 1 March, 4.10pm | 5 answers

115 Ah Batteries

I have been offered some 115Ah batteries to replace my 110Ah domestic batteries. Is this an issue? They are the same physical size and have a recommended charging rate of 6 amps.

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Saturday 28 February, 7.22pm | 1 answer

What and where are the chine flanges?

On a survey on a boat we are considering buying the survey says ' the chine flanges have eroded leaving some 8mm along the sides, this is sufficient for weekend use but new flanges would have to welded on if extended cruising is anticipated'. Having searched the Internet can't find anything on chine flanges... Please can someone help us as we really like the narrowboat but also worried that we could be buying something that is bad

Asked by: aaron tweed  | Thursday 26 February, 11.16pm | 2 answers

Exterior design, traditional or different!

I am working on the exterior design (paintwork) of a boat and I was wondering should I keep it traditional and blend in or to make it stand out. My concerns with making it stand out is security, would I be more of a risk of a break in?

Asked by: Adam Savory  | Tuesday 24 February, 8.40pm | 4 answers

Thinking of getting a boat made

Any recommend narrow boat builders in England?

Asked by: lydia  | Tuesday 24 February, 7.44pm | 1 answer


Can u advise on weather the solgas flameless ceramic gas hob is uk compliant on narrow boats manny thanks

Asked by: sindy  | Monday 23 February, 8.19pm | 2 answers


Can u advise on weather the solgas flameless ceramic gas hob is uk compliant on narrow boats manny thanks

Asked by: sindy  | Monday 23 February, 8.18pm | no answers yet - add one

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