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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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gardner 4lw

Hi can anyone tell me is the gardner 4lw suitable for a 63ft canal narrow boat, or is it just to big, thank you.

Asked by: andy wakler  | Tuesday 28 April, 7.23pm | 1 answer

Battery Placement

The hydraulic bow thruster reservoir on my 57 foot cruiser stern leaves insufficient room for all my [5] leisure batteries.Can I place some under [well ventilated] rear steps? If not,any other bright ideas out there ? !.

Asked by: Michael Clement  | Monday 27 April, 2.28pm | 3 answers

inverter or generator

I will need to fit out my boat on a mooring without electricity on site. I can do most of the heavy duty cutting and routing at home but I will need to use some power tools on site. Cordless drill no problem but for heavier duty drilling, jigsawing, grinding, sanding etc am I better to get a generator or an inverter? The most powerful tool I anticipate using is an 850w drill but I understand that power on start up is higher, so what size inverter woulde I need? Also can I use a blowlamp for heat shrink tubing or must it be a heat gun, in which case I'm going to need to get 2000w from somewhere? Many thanks.

Asked by: Neil  | Wednesday 22 April, 9.48am | 1 answer

Are car engines still being marinised?

Are there still people marinising the diesel engines out of road vehicles? I'm thinking ahead to that moment when my dear old car has to go. It would be nice to know that the 1.9 beast under the bonnet was going to propel a boat for another hundred thousand miles.
My car receives unstintingly all the maintenance it needs, but now I can tell that a new clutch plate will soon be required: I'm seeking to justify the expense. So a question related to the above is, does a marinised car engine retain its gearbox (and therefore its clutch)?

Asked by: peter wight  | Monday 20 April, 11.39am | 2 answers

Doug Moore boats

We have a 1985ish Doug Moore built in Barnoldswick it was his fifth boat built there. In weld at the front on one side he has signed his name and No.5 but on the other side he has signed his name but put S35 We wondered what S35 meant.?

Asked by: glynis  | Friday 17 April, 4.24pm | no answers yet - add one

63 foot boat

can I bring a 63 foot narrow boat from York to the Shropshire union canal, thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | Wednesday 15 April, 6.49pm | 2 answers

Fitting out a Sailaway and the RCD

I have been beavering away having been fitting out the sailaway that I purchased last year.
Assuming that I would not be selling within 5 years and the difficulties that conforming to the RCD would present to me as a novice I decided that it would be best to work towards the BSS.
My confusion is that I assumed 5 years began from when I received the boat and cruised it for the first time, but I have heared it is from when I actually "finish" the fit out. The fit out has potentially been finished for a while but as I learn more I keep changing things so I don't envisage it actualyl really ever being totally finished.
My builder has provided the declaration of conformity document and the boat is CE marked with the builder's plate and Hull ID number. I spoke to him recently and he said that I didn't even need to wait 5 years, as long as I acquired a BSS certificate once the declaration had expired then it was fine to sell on.
So my question is, when does the 5 years actually start? and is my builder correct in what he is saying?
Thanks in advance

Asked by: Phil  | Monday 13 April, 7.10pm | 2 answers

Changing layout

Is it straightforward to change a double bed area into a dinette and an area housing 2 singles into a crossover double? Would work like this be costly?

Asked by: Adele Gregory  | Sunday 12 April, 10.16pm | 1 answer


Our narrowboat, which is showing some rust just above the waterline, is scheduled for blacking in the autumn. Most boatyards only seem to do two coats of basic blacking like Intertuf 16 whereas I always thought three were recommended. Also does it make any difference whether the blacking is applied by brush or roller. It has been suggested to me that rollering achieves achieves a thicker coat and therefore that two coats are okay.

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Tuesday 7 April, 12.25pm | 2 answers

when I run the taps the electric cuts out

When I run the tap or flush the loo the electric goes off we are connected to shore power ? The batteries say charging

Asked by: Denise DelRosso  | Monday 6 April, 7.47pm | 1 answer

Beta Engines fault

We have become aware of a problem with Beta engines where the extended front crankshaft pulley becomes loose and damages the threads and keyways on the front of the crankshaft. This has happened to the engine on our share boat and a relative's liveaboard, both with several thousand hours use. We were advised that this is a well known problem related to loading the front of the Kubota engine crank. Having just bought our own boat with a Beta 43, with 2k hours, do you have any knowledge of this and what preventative steps steps should we take to avoid an expensive breakdown? I understand that it is difficult to check the tightness of the front pulley nut as it requires a specialist extended castellated 43mm socket.

Asked by: Donald Starr  | Friday 3 April, 3.40pm | 1 answer


Trying to locate hard copy of BSS Essential Guide [2nd Edition]. CRT Website no help!
Any ideas?

Asked by: Michael Clement  | Monday 30 March, 4.59pm | 2 answers

Mindon Marine Widebeam Narrowboat

We have just purchased the above mentioned boat in France which needs some TLC. Has anyone refurbished one of these and, if so, could they offer some suggestions. Many thanks

Asked by: donna  | Saturday 28 March, 10.57am | no answers yet - add one

Fuel Filtration

Installing new Barrus 50 hp engine in 57 foot new build. Looking to install extra filters to lessen chance of future problems.Advise please!

Asked by: Michael Clement  | Thursday 26 March, 3.28pm | 4 answers

Double glazing windows

Has anyone gone from single glazed to double glazed windows due to the good ol' condensation problem. I've got 12 [21" x 36"]to change so want the best price but also have read about double glazed windows breaking down and condensation leaks due to the vibration of the boat affecting the window glazing seals. Thanks BG

Asked by: bill goad  | Tuesday 24 March, 5.54pm | no answers yet - add one

Re-skinning a GRP ROOF AND SIDES

we have been rather taken with a dartline narrowboat that has a steel hull and grp top and sides. A survey has revealed the roof needs strengthening and re-skinning, she is 53ft and I hoping someone could help us with a rough price how much it would cost to put it right.

Asked by: aaron tweed  | Sunday 22 March, 6.58pm | 1 answer

Mooring hook, how do you attach it to a chain with rings?

I'm an armchair narrowboat enthusiast in USA. I saw a youtube video, subject: using a mooring hook on a chain with rings, wondering how do you attached the two, do you (1) feed one of the chain-rings from the open end to the closed end of the mooring-hook, (2) attach the mooring-hook to the chain with a chain-loop by passing the small ring through the large ring?

Asked by: rmalcolm  | Thursday 19 March, 5.21pm | 1 answer

which TV aerial?

I use a 240v tv/dvd player combo on my narrowboat, only having played dvd's so far. I want to watch TV now: what sort of aerial should I buy? I'd like it to be a low-lying type.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Thursday 19 March, 1.30pm | 2 answers

what anchor?

I have a 53ft narrowboat, what type of anchor do I need, how heavy should it be, what length and what size of chain and length and size of rope? I have read so many articles and am more confused. What is the most likely sonario that I would need to use a anchor in the first place?
Many Thanks
David Gibbons. ND Lazy Daze.

Asked by: david gibbons  | Sunday 15 March, 9.21pm | 1 answer

Bollard mooring

Its an assumption, I'm not a narrow-boater, I'm in USA editing an article, are canal bollard moorings for temporary, live mooring; rather than secure long term mooring? I've seen them on approach of a lock.

Asked by: rmalcolm  | Sunday 15 March, 7.40pm | 2 answers

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