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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Hi, To charge my traction batterys I use a sterling 60 amp charger @14.8 or 15.1volts. when the batterys are being charged from solar or wind, they are getting around 13 volts. Does this mean due to the lower voltage the batterys wont ever rewch fully charged (float mode) by solar or wind alone.

Asked by: anthony spanswick  | Monday 2 March, 1.59pm | 6 answers

Conversion to LED lights

Has anybody had any experience of converting Lumo fluorescent light fittings to fit LED tubes into the housing. Is there a conversion kit out there?

Asked by: bill goad  | Sunday 1 March, 4.10pm | 5 answers

115 Ah Batteries

I have been offered some 115Ah batteries to replace my 110Ah domestic batteries. Is this an issue? They are the same physical size and have a recommended charging rate of 6 amps.

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Saturday 28 February, 7.22pm | 1 answer

What and where are the chine flanges?

On a survey on a boat we are considering buying the survey says ' the chine flanges have eroded leaving some 8mm along the sides, this is sufficient for weekend use but new flanges would have to welded on if extended cruising is anticipated'. Having searched the Internet can't find anything on chine flanges... Please can someone help us as we really like the narrowboat but also worried that we could be buying something that is bad

Asked by: aaron tweed  | Thursday 26 February, 11.16pm | 2 answers

Exterior design, traditional or different!

I am working on the exterior design (paintwork) of a boat and I was wondering should I keep it traditional and blend in or to make it stand out. My concerns with making it stand out is security, would I be more of a risk of a break in?

Asked by: Adam Savory  | Tuesday 24 February, 8.40pm | 4 answers

Thinking of getting a boat made

Any recommend narrow boat builders in England?

Asked by: lydia  | Tuesday 24 February, 7.44pm | 1 answer


Can u advise on weather the solgas flameless ceramic gas hob is uk compliant on narrow boats manny thanks

Asked by: sindy  | Monday 23 February, 8.19pm | 2 answers


Can u advise on weather the solgas flameless ceramic gas hob is uk compliant on narrow boats manny thanks

Asked by: sindy  | Monday 23 February, 8.18pm | no answers yet - add one

new fire

where do I get the regulations for fitting a new fire and flue pipe also is there a collar made for a 6 inch flue

Asked by: mick turner  | Saturday 14 February, 6.02pm | 1 answer

Replacing a Fridge - Gas Installation

We are going to replace the fridge in our new boat with exactly the same model that has been re-conditioned and comes with a 6 month warranty. However, it states that we need to have this installed by a qualified person. Now we know about CORGI on shore but what or who do we need for the boat? As she is only 30ft we intend to primarily run the fridge off the gas.

Asked by: Debbie Frankland  | Tuesday 10 February, 3.39pm | 6 answers

Water Tank Size - 30ft Liverpool Boat

We have just purchased a 1994 30ft semi-trad by Liverpool Boats. Unfortunately the owner hasn't used her much and had very little knowledge of some of the basics. Has anyone got any idea of how big her water tank is likely to be and also whether she might have any in-line filters and maybe where to look for them? Any help appreciated!

Asked by: Debbie Frankland  | Tuesday 10 February, 3.34pm | 3 answers


Webasto went through starting sequence but failed to ignite and carry on running ? Lots of white smoke ? Now nothing !
? Sequence with reset procedure of fuses not solved it, nothing now , rest fuses ?

Asked by: vinny  | Saturday 7 February, 11.03pm | 1 answer

charging batterys

Hi, I would like know if using my engine would beter, than using a generator. I have x 6 2v 480amp @c5 traction batterys with a 60amp sterling ultra pro charger. I run the generator for 11 hours which does not charge to float, but the amps reduce to 3.8 and I feel thats long enough for a generator to be on for.
Would it be beter to use the engine which has a 240amp alternator, with a alternator to battery charger regular(I havnt put that on yet). Also maybe put on a large inverter so the sterling charger can run at the same time. This way I would get hot water free, but clock up more hours on the engine. I wondered if it would be quicker to charge them this way.
many thanks anthony

Asked by: anthony spanswick  | Friday 6 February, 6.16pm | 2 answers

banner batteries

I read about your suggestion for banner batteries and with interest looked at there web site and found they provide up to 250 amp hr batteries is there a benefit by going bigger as we always use 110 amp hr

Asked by: mick turner  | Wednesday 4 February, 10.50am | 3 answers

my narrowboat details

I bought a narrow boat a few years ago and I was told that there was no details of where it was built or the age I have its registration and name where can I find this info out?
regards Diane

Asked by: Diane Mc Gowan  | Monday 2 February, 3.30pm | 1 answer

How long will a battery run an inverter

I am think of buying a inverter for occasional use of 240v power tools from my leisure battery any idea how long the battery would last.

Asked by: Terry Senior  | Monday 2 February, 3.11pm | 2 answers

Replacement Batteries

I know you are generally very unenthusiastic about sealed leisure batteries. Would you consider them if accessibility is a problem?
On our boat two of the three batteries are easily accessible but third one, requires the disconnection of the batteries and removal of one of the other two batteries to shuffle the third battery into view. Although the third battery does get maintained, this tends to guided by the state of the accessible two. The current wet batteries have done eight years so do tend to recommend themselves.

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Thursday 29 January, 11.38am | 3 answers

Charger Playing Up?

During the winter, the only electricity our narrowboat uses is for the three stage charger which charges only the 3 domestic batteries. The consumption is much higher this winter than previously, consuming more in 22 days than it has previously done in three months. When we check the boat the charger is always in trickle mode. The batteries are in their 8 year but behaved normally whilst cruising for 3 months during the summer. We did notice that the charger fan has recently started cutting in whereas previously we didn't even know it had a fan. Any ideas as to what may be the problem and the steps to take, please?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Wednesday 28 January, 7.52pm | 3 answers

Inverter on or off ?.

Should I switch off my boats inverter/charger whilst out cruising ?, because there's nothing being used for mains type power at that time.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Tuesday 27 January, 7.14pm | 1 answer

Narrow boat internal roof lining

I am in the process of having a 50foot narrow boat built and would prefer instead of an oak veneered ply head lining,oak tongue and grooved strip, but have been advised the weight would make the boat unstable and additional ballast would lower the boat in the water.
Any suggestions please and the cost difference

Asked by: Graham Day  | Thursday 15 January, 6.09pm | 6 answers

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