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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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prop wash

I have a 45 foot canal boat which is producing excessive prop wash mainly to stbd. How can I reduce it?

Asked by: ian  | Tuesday 20 May, 10.13am | 3 answers

maximum voltage of appliances

What max wattage vacuum cleaner can I use with my inverter which is 1600va, 70amp? Our 1000w one is on its last legs and I can't find a similar low wattage one.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Friday 16 May, 4.46pm | 2 answers

90 Degree Tiller Attachment

Hi all.....
stupid question time. I have a traditional back to my boat and wish to sit on the side whilst sailing but have trouble reaching the tiller in comfort and just thought someone a little brighter than myself may have an idea where to get an easily removable 90 degree tiller attachment.
kind regards

Asked by: shaun ohare  | Tuesday 13 May, 3.30pm | 3 answers

Boat wiring

I wish to rewire my 70ft narrow boat but cutout alot of the wire used. Can I run + & - 12 volt lines the full length of the boat & have fuse boxes in each area. The main line would be fused back at the battery for the largest output which would be a bowthruster. Would this pass the boat saftey or not?

Asked by: Trevor James Lewinton  | Tuesday 13 May, 11.33am | 2 answers


can you tell me how to work out how much ballast I will need for a 50 by 10 wide beam narrow boat

Asked by: Chris  | Saturday 10 May, 2.09pm | 1 answer

Thorncroft RJ2 Vintage Engine

Last year I bought my first narrowboat,which has served me very well.
It has a 1937 Thornycroft RJ2 on board which I want to replace with a more modern engine. This is an enthusiasts engine and is now running well but frankly I don't have the time to truly work on it and appreciate it in all it's glory. There are apparently only 6 of them in the country and would love to hear from anyone who has a passion for Vintage engines.
I am in London now and eager to get the word out.
Thanks again.
078 777 16702

Asked by: Shane Dempsey  | Tuesday 6 May, 2.00pm | 1 answer

Boat painting (Fonts).

Hello, Does anyone know the main type of lettering font used by signwriters when painting the words on the sides of narrowboats ?.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Monday 5 May, 8.16pm | 1 answer

Roof painting

My NB roof is in need of a new yellow non-slip paint job but the hand rail is blue and the blue paint extends around the chimney and vents in a circular fashion, where can I find/make circular templates to protect the blue form the yellow?

Asked by: Rob Henry  | Wednesday 30 April, 4.36pm | 1 answer

How do you make tiller tassels?

A reader writes to us:
"Having recently made some rope side fenders, I now want to make a tiller tassel.
However, there seems to be little or or no information online. I was wondering if you know of any publications that describe this process?"

Asked by: Andrew Denny  | Wednesday 30 April, 1.54pm | 1 answer

plumbing in a skin tank

I am writing to enquire which way round the pipes from the engine go into the skin tank.I think the hot from the engine goes to the top of the tank,&cold feed comes from the bottom.Please confirm.Also,which pipe does the expansion tank go on?-hot or cold?Thank you

Asked by: Sarah Fellows  | Wednesday 30 April, 12.47pm | 2 answers

plumbing in a skin tank

I am writing to enquire which way round the pipes from the engine go into the skin tank.I think the hot from the engine goes to the top of the tank,&cold feed comes from the bottom.Please confirm.Also,which pipe does the expansion tank go on?-hot or cold?Thank you

Asked by: Sarah Fellows  | Wednesday 30 April, 12.45pm | no answers yet - add one

Mooring on the Droitwich Barge canal

Is the any mooring outside of Droitwich before reaching the River Severn?

Asked by: Sara Harbour  | Saturday 26 April, 3.56pm | 1 answer

Lpg Water Heater on New Self Fit out

I'm currently looking into getting a Sailaway built and doing the fit out myself (obviously getting a qualified professional to fit the gas). Ideally we'd like an Lpg instant water heater, though there seems to be lots of conflicting information out there as to what is suitable. As far as I can find out it seems that all new boats must have a room sealed water heater which means the Morco F11. Though there may be a problem with the flue height unless I use the angled version and have it going out the rear bulkhead. Does anyone have experience of this or are there any other water heaters that would be suitable? I've found the Widney Slimtronic which also looks like it might do the job....
Is there any source for information on instant water heating for canal boats?

Asked by: Matthew Booth  | Tuesday 22 April, 4.20pm | 4 answers


Have just bought anew narrow boat but needs paint so which paint will give me the best result and where to buy and how much would I need to get. The boat is 60 feet by 6 feet

Asked by: terry buchan  | Sunday 20 April, 12.16pm | 1 answer

Boat security

I am concerned that security on my narrowboat is poor. The front and rear doors are wooden; the front ones lock with internal bolts (on one door), with the other door locking to the first with a very small Yale-type lock. The rear doors lock only from inside with small bolts; the hatch is held in place by only one of the internal bolts.
Do you have any advice about improving thinga please?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Friday 18 April, 6.56pm | 1 answer

How can i trace my boat name

My boat is currently out of the water and while its out I want to change my boats name. I would like to know what my boat was originally called however I have asked the canal and river trust, canalplan and other waterways agencies to get told that information is personal. What do I do now?

Asked by: Ben rhodes  | Tuesday 15 April, 5.43pm | 2 answers

Getting and fitting a pumpout

I currently have a sea toilet on my 40ft narrowboat which we are moving down onto the Grand Union. I want to replace this with a pumpout - can anyone let me know where I can find a good priced toilet and tank? Thanks in advance for any help

Asked by: Hilda  | Sunday 13 April, 11.06am | 2 answers

Engine Oil Question

I'm new to boating and wish to change the engine oil and filter on my Nanni-Kubota type 4.15 (37.5hp - 1498cc) engine. I have some stock of quality 5w30 fully synthetic, long life diesel oil and would like to know if this oil would be ok to use, thanks.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Friday 11 April, 12.07am | 3 answers


Can an Electrolux travel pack (240v generator) be retrofitted to any boat, space permitting, and what is the typical cost of same, with fitting?

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | Thursday 10 April, 2.31pm | 4 answers

Water tank treatment

Can you please advise about water tank treatment on my narrow boat.
I do not use my boat from October to April, in October I drain the tank by running it empty. What treatment should I do when I come to use the boat in April, also what about the water hose pipe.

Asked by: David Anderson  | Wednesday 2 April, 7.13pm | 2 answers

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