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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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240v fridge and freezer power

We are considering buying a boat that has separate 240v fridge and freezer. The boat has a1600 inverter and 4 110 Ah batteries to run these when not on shore power. I need to know wether this is a suitable set up for a boat that will largely cruising or moored away from power supply for days at a time?

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | Monday 17 March, 2.31pm | 6 answers

canals for 12 wide boats

Hi there
Co0uld you tell me if there is a map of canals in uk suitable for 10-12 wide boats

Asked by: graham waters  | Sunday 9 March, 11.37pm | 2 answers

Fitting an Inverter.

WW., Sir, thank you for your prev. answer. Yes I do intend to conn. the inverter straight to the batt. poles. I have fitted a fuse and run the output into the galley to twin outlet sockets. I have no power from this. The inverter is new, the batts. are charged and it does not matter whether the eng. is running or not neither does the solar help. My query is why?

Asked by: John Dymond  | Sunday 9 March, 1.13pm | 1 answer

Calorifier Leaking

I have a 15 yr old second-hand traditional narrowboat which has been amateurly fitted and poorly maintained
Among several problems is the issue of a leak which has sprung forth from, what I presume is the pressure relief valve on the calorifier. (Its a stubby bronze tube end at the top) When we first ran the boat it was fine for three wks cruising and had been left moored for several wks between cruises. We had water running to the calorifier from the tank and the hot water was running fine from the calorifier and then refilling itself without any leaks. Then suddenly we found the cold water tank had almost completely emptied itself and kept filling the calorifier while water was constantly gushing from the top valve.
Any suggestions as to what went wrong and how to fix please?
Thanks :)

Asked by: Jenny Robbins  | Thursday 6 March, 7.02pm | 2 answers

Corect way to fit an Inverter

Please advise the correct way to install an Inverter. The boats batteries are charged via the engine alternater and 2 solar panels, 100w each. I installed a1000w inverter but have no 240v output. The inverter is new.Both poss. and neg. leads of the inverter are secure to bat. poles. Thank you John Dymond.

Asked by: John Dymond  | Tuesday 4 March, 1.35pm | 2 answers

Pole Priming

That biennial job of repainting our narrowboat pole has come round again. Some of the paint is back to the bare wood and I wondered what you would recommend as a primer prior to painting with boat enamel (Rylard primrose yellow and Mason's steel blue)? I have aluminium wood primer, conventional Dulux wood primer and Craftsmaster anti-corrosive grey primer. I'd prefer not to add to my extensive collection of paint tins!

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Wednesday 26 February, 2.39pm | 1 answer

Plating cost.

I was thinking off buying a narrowboat. The surveyor said some plating work needs doing to the side. How much would the plating work cost and would the inside require ripping out for wielding?

Asked by: owen  | Friday 21 February, 5.26pm | 1 answer

Where can USB Charging Ports be Obtained?

Interesting idea in the March 2014 issue but google searches have found nothing that looks suitable. Where can these USB ports be obtained?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Sunday 16 February, 5.49pm | 1 answer

Residential Moorings

Hi Can anyone tell me the best places to find where there are residential moorings / marina locations? I am really struggling to find any.

Asked by: Christopher Knight  | Monday 10 February, 5.52pm | 1 answer

Beginners Guide

Hi, Me and the Mrs are seriously considering living on a houseboat so i am currently spending all my time researching. so has anyone got any advice for me? i'm really looking to find out about the running costs as there seems to be lots of different things to keep up with. we are planning on living on a wide beam boat on a permanent home mooring somewhere around Essex. the main thing i am struggling to find is costs of moorings and places with them.
any help really would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much.

Asked by: Christopher Knight  | Monday 10 February, 12.27am | 3 answers

Who will fit a Bubble Corner Stove

Hi, Is there anyone out there that will fit a diesel fired Corner Bubble stove into my boat or do you know of anyone, I know this will not be cheap. My boat is on the Shropshire Union near Chester. Greatful for any help Chris

Asked by: chris roberts  | Monday 3 February, 4.23pm | no answers yet - add one


What is in a sealed battery that enables it to be used without a regular top up like the more cheaper lead acid type

Asked by: george  | Sunday 2 February, 3.34pm | 6 answers


Right lets have it you experts ,Solar Panels or Wind Turbine do they do the same job power wise ,can I run a boats electrics with the power put out by iether of these bits of kit?

Asked by: Andy Durler  | Sunday 26 January, 1.27pm | 2 answers

electric shower

how easy is it to put an electric shower on your narrow boat? any handy tips?

Asked by: maggi huckfield  | Monday 20 January, 8.53pm | 2 answers

Narrowboat painting

I'm narrowing down my choice of company to paint my boat this year or next and have talked to people offering hand painting by brush, spray painting and, now, hand painting by roller. I've more or less ruled our spray painting but is there a significant difference between hand painting by brush and by roller?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Friday 17 January, 9.38am | 3 answers


Yes its that man again braining you guys that know all. Can your experts describe to me in laymans terms what happens from the batteries being charged to the inverter giving me the right sort of voltage to power my water heating TV and the likes .

Asked by: Andy Durler  | Thursday 16 January, 2.00pm | 6 answers


my skin tank on my narrowboat measures 3foot 4 inch long x 1 foot 7 inch high x 2 inch thick.can you tell me how much mixed antifreeze i would need to fill the skin tank please

Asked by: christopher smith  | Thursday 9 January, 7.53pm | 2 answers

thickness of hull etc.

Can someone who knows tell me the exceptable thickness of a narrow boat hull,sides etc. I am aware the magic 10-6-4 but what is acceptable? Thanx in advance.

Asked by: Andy Durler  | Monday 6 January, 5.59pm | 3 answers

Where to put a cooker on our narrowboat

We're redesigning our kitchen and intended having an 'L' shape with the cooker to the side. I noticed in your January issue when you're reviewing the narrowboat you say 'they sensibly put the cooker down the centre line'. Could you let me know why it's better to do this? Many thanks, Pat

Asked by: Pat Snarey  | Sunday 5 January, 4.00pm | 3 answers


How does one stop water in the holding tank from freezing,is this a problem?

Asked by: Andy Durler  | Saturday 4 January, 10.06am | 6 answers

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