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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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plumbing in a skin tank

I am writing to enquire which way round the pipes from the engine go into the skin tank.I think the hot from the engine goes to the top of the tank,&cold feed comes from the bottom.Please confirm.Also,which pipe does the expansion tank go on?-hot or cold?Thank you

Asked by: Sarah Fellows  | Wednesday 30 April, 12.45pm | no answers yet - add one

Mooring on the Droitwich Barge canal

Is the any mooring outside of Droitwich before reaching the River Severn?

Asked by: Sara Harbour  | Saturday 26 April, 3.56pm | 1 answer

Lpg Water Heater on New Self Fit out

I'm currently looking into getting a Sailaway built and doing the fit out myself (obviously getting a qualified professional to fit the gas). Ideally we'd like an Lpg instant water heater, though there seems to be lots of conflicting information out there as to what is suitable. As far as I can find out it seems that all new boats must have a room sealed water heater which means the Morco F11. Though there may be a problem with the flue height unless I use the angled version and have it going out the rear bulkhead. Does anyone have experience of this or are there any other water heaters that would be suitable? I've found the Widney Slimtronic which also looks like it might do the job....
Is there any source for information on instant water heating for canal boats?

Asked by: Matthew Booth  | Tuesday 22 April, 4.20pm | 4 answers


Have just bought anew narrow boat but needs paint so which paint will give me the best result and where to buy and how much would I need to get. The boat is 60 feet by 6 feet

Asked by: terry buchan  | Sunday 20 April, 12.16pm | 1 answer

Boat security

I am concerned that security on my narrowboat is poor. The front and rear doors are wooden; the front ones lock with internal bolts (on one door), with the other door locking to the first with a very small Yale-type lock. The rear doors lock only from inside with small bolts; the hatch is held in place by only one of the internal bolts.
Do you have any advice about improving thinga please?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Friday 18 April, 6.56pm | 1 answer

How can i trace my boat name

My boat is currently out of the water and while its out I want to change my boats name. I would like to know what my boat was originally called however I have asked the canal and river trust, canalplan and other waterways agencies to get told that information is personal. What do I do now?

Asked by: Ben rhodes  | Tuesday 15 April, 5.43pm | 2 answers

Getting and fitting a pumpout

I currently have a sea toilet on my 40ft narrowboat which we are moving down onto the Grand Union. I want to replace this with a pumpout - can anyone let me know where I can find a good priced toilet and tank? Thanks in advance for any help

Asked by: Hilda  | Sunday 13 April, 11.06am | 2 answers

Engine Oil Question

I'm new to boating and wish to change the engine oil and filter on my Nanni-Kubota type 4.15 (37.5hp - 1498cc) engine. I have some stock of quality 5w30 fully synthetic, long life diesel oil and would like to know if this oil would be ok to use, thanks.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | Friday 11 April, 12.07am | 3 answers


Can an Electrolux travel pack (240v generator) be retrofitted to any boat, space permitting, and what is the typical cost of same, with fitting?

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | Thursday 10 April, 2.31pm | 4 answers

Water tank treatment

Can you please advise about water tank treatment on my narrow boat.
I do not use my boat from October to April, in October I drain the tank by running it empty. What treatment should I do when I come to use the boat in April, also what about the water hose pipe.

Asked by: David Anderson  | Wednesday 2 April, 7.13pm | 2 answers

Maximum Headroom

To navigate under a bridge on the leeds Liverpool canal it states max headroom is 8 feet. Does this apply from the waterline to the highest point on the boat?

Asked by: Andrew Shuttleworth  | Wednesday 2 April, 12.39pm | 1 answer

velvet drive gearbox oil cooler

Im looking for a borg warner velvetdrive series 500 gearbox oil cooler,
Part no 2301 655 001 .
Does anyone know where I can get one please New or second hand

Asked by: peter orme  | Sunday 30 March, 10.53am | 2 answers

galvanic isolator

Just blacked boat and surveyor commented that corrosion was result of electrolytic action. Generally a continuous cruiser, boat has been in marinas for last 2 years for 3 to 4 months but have relied on solar to kep batteries topped up with no shore connection. Is connection necessary for isolator to work or should an eart connection be made to shore?

Asked by: peter osullivan  | Friday 28 March, 8.47pm | 1 answer

self build

wanting to build a narrowboat shell trad style.
looking for pics and any info on building tec.
forming the hull etc.

Asked by: david moxon  | Thursday 27 March, 1.43pm | 2 answers

Using Jump Leads

Two days after receiving WW April addition I discovered by starter battery did not have enough power to do its job. So the article on boaters tool kits was well timed. With modern cars it is quite dangerous to their electrics to use jump leads if you don't know the correct routine. Are there any risks on the average narrow boat, En Avant has the usual compliment of kit. I would propose to leave as many units as possible turned off at the control board, my concern would be for the battery monitoring system. Would the same apply if using a shore based petrol generator to recharge said battery. Thanks in anticipation of your help. Keep up the good work with WW.

Asked by: Nigel James  | Monday 24 March, 10.10am | 3 answers

Fridge resonances in boat

New Isotherm CR200 resonates through bulkheads any ideas why?

Asked by: john roy  | Sunday 23 March, 3.46am | 1 answer

240v fridge and freezer power

We are considering buying a boat that has separate 240v fridge and freezer. The boat has a1600 inverter and 4 110 Ah batteries to run these when not on shore power. I need to know wether this is a suitable set up for a boat that will largely cruising or moored away from power supply for days at a time?

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | Monday 17 March, 2.31pm | 6 answers

canals for 12 wide boats

Hi there
Co0uld you tell me if there is a map of canals in uk suitable for 10-12 wide boats

Asked by: graham waters  | Sunday 9 March, 11.37pm | 2 answers

Fitting an Inverter.

WW., Sir, thank you for your prev. answer. Yes I do intend to conn. the inverter straight to the batt. poles. I have fitted a fuse and run the output into the galley to twin outlet sockets. I have no power from this. The inverter is new, the batts. are charged and it does not matter whether the eng. is running or not neither does the solar help. My query is why?

Asked by: John Dymond  | Sunday 9 March, 1.13pm | 1 answer

Calorifier Leaking

I have a 15 yr old second-hand traditional narrowboat which has been amateurly fitted and poorly maintained
Among several problems is the issue of a leak which has sprung forth from, what I presume is the pressure relief valve on the calorifier. (Its a stubby bronze tube end at the top) When we first ran the boat it was fine for three wks cruising and had been left moored for several wks between cruises. We had water running to the calorifier from the tank and the hot water was running fine from the calorifier and then refilling itself without any leaks. Then suddenly we found the cold water tank had almost completely emptied itself and kept filling the calorifier while water was constantly gushing from the top valve.
Any suggestions as to what went wrong and how to fix please?
Thanks :)

Asked by: Jenny Robbins  | Thursday 6 March, 7.02pm | 2 answers

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