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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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I think we need new batteries for a 59"7 narrow boat 4 leisure batteries and .1 starter battery ok . the 4 leisure batteries 2 show red and 2 show green as i can not get 2 of the same make of batteries can you mix diferant makes together thanks

Asked by: janet alderson  | Monday 2 September, 8.20pm | 3 answers

making a dinette

where can I get the plans to build one

Asked by: terry buchan  | Saturday 31 August, 7.26pm | 3 answers

Narrow boat length

What minimum length narrow boat would my partner and I need to tour the waterways system?

Asked by: Terry Quinn  | Sunday 25 August, 3.10pm | 2 answers

Spray foam

My boat is 4 years old and has significant staining on the hull side wood, on closer inspection the underside of the bearers has not been spray foamed, are rusty and dripping with condensation. The builders and spray foam company are saying this is due to a water pump leak we had and that it is standard practice not to cover the underneath of the bearers. The floor is fine, I would expect significant water damage to the floor if this was the case. I would just like peoples opinion on this issue. Thanks

Asked by: Nicole  | Thursday 22 August, 2.09pm | 3 answers

Lister engine

Looking at a well kept 1992 46ft boat with Lister lpw3 27bhp has covered 5616hrs. Acceptable??

Asked by: John Bass  | Wednesday 21 August, 9.17pm | 3 answers


my toilet does no flush on the canal boat its a thedford toilet we have cleaned the potty still does not work any sugestions what to do next

Asked by: janet alderson  | Monday 19 August, 3.06pm | 1 answer

kitchen appliances for canal boat

I bought a 59ft canal boat so what kind o microwave and fridge freezer do I buy as I bought a microwave fro boat but would not work

Asked by: janet alderson  | Monday 19 August, 2.27pm | 1 answer

Raw water cooling

I have a raw water cooled engine and while the water spits out of the exhaust I have another water outlet on the stern side which runs constant stream of cold water only when engine is running, following the pipe it goes to a type of plastic valve then pipes run to engine can you explain what is happening and how to stop it or is this natural, sorry to be a pain as we only picked up boat last weekend thanks jim

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | Friday 16 August, 7.02pm | 1 answer

Boating Forum Q on Overheating

The answer on overheating engines was particularly interesting to me, as I had hoped to avoid these problems by choosing a reputable builder (Evans) and a reputable engine (Beta).
In considering the Alde heat exchanger solution I need to ask if a pump is needed as I assume that my Eberspacher has an integral pump which pushes the water round the system when the heater is on. If a pump is needed, any advice on what and where to fit it would be helpful.
When increasing ventilation, does it have to be outside the boat, or would adding vents inside the boat into the engine room be effective?
Finally, my worst overheating incident occurred when trying to keep up with other boats on leaving Limehouse Lock. Why is it necessary to speed up so much if the passage up the tidal Thames has been properly timed to go up with the rising tide?

Asked by: John Rich  | Thursday 15 August, 9.01am | 2 answers

Hiring a canal boat

Please could you give me advice on the issues around hiring out our canal boat. I have read the MCA boat hire code and BSS website and I am well aware that it's not easy, but it is something that I would like to look in to seriously. A key area is clearly insurance. Can anyone let me know companies that provide such insurance?

Asked by: Richard Stimson  | Tuesday 13 August, 9.36pm | 3 answers

High tick over engine

My vetus 3 cyl engine ticks over at 1500 rpm when book says 850 any idea why and how to lower revs, just bought boat and has been in marina for 12 months could it be water in fuel thanks

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | Tuesday 13 August, 6.54am | 2 answers

Engine gauge issues

I have a Vetus 3 cyl engine and when engine is switched off The rev counter reads 15, also when running engine the volt meter is off the scale +16 make of rev counter and Volt meter is Rimmer
How can I sort this Many thanks Jim NB Ghostrider

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | Monday 12 August, 8.44am | 1 answer

Thuner & Lightening

Cruising in our narrowboat on the canals has never caused any problem in storms, as we simply moor up on the canalside and sit it out.
What advice can be given for cruising when lightening rolls in on long cruises on The River Trent (where no interim mooring facilities are available).
I would be the hightest point on the narrowboat, as I would have the tiller, whilst the catering staff shelter inside!

Asked by: John Walsh  | Friday 9 August, 2.42pm | 3 answers

Dogs on board

What breeds of dogs are most suitable for life on a boat.

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | Friday 9 August, 1.52pm | 6 answers

Narrowboat painting

I'm looking to have our 50 foot cruiser stern narrowboat painted, probably next year. What should I look out for when selecting a company to do the job so as to be as sure as I can be to get a good quality job done?

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Thursday 8 August, 5.07pm | 2 answers

Calorifier Problem

We have an unpleasant smell from our calorifier which gets worse when water is hot. There are no obvious leaks and bilges are dry. Water pump runs intermittently when water is very hot - presume that is normal venting? - but the real issue if the 'poo' smell which spreads throughout the under-bed area and into the wardrobe causing clothes to smell offensive. Help!!

Asked by: Barbara Wilson  | Wednesday 7 August, 5.53am | 2 answers

Rudder rattle

The higher I rev my engine, the more my rudder rattles. At about 20000 its rattling so hard that the handle shakes violently and I have to decrease revs. The engine is a brand new and newly fitted beta 38. Very professionally fitted and I have no concerns about that part of that. But why would my rudder handle rattle so much?

Asked by: Carl Young  | Thursday 1 August, 11.28am | 2 answers

Lock length restrictions

I am considering purchasing a 70 ft narrowboat. What canal systems will I not be able to use? I believe there are some locks that can not accommodate a 70ft. What is the longest boat length to be able to travel the whole UK system.

Asked by: richard druitt  | Wednesday 31 July, 5.25pm | 4 answers

Shower pump out

Our boat shower has the sump and bilge pump arrangement. We had to replace the whole unit about 5 years ago due to failure of the automatic float switch. The new design has a float switch integral to the pump and we are now on our third sump pump due to unreliability of the switches. We do keep the filter in place and clean the sump as required. We are considering changing to Whale Gulper type pump. Are these pumps reliable? Are they happy running the whole time we are showering as we are not in feet-in-dirty-water school of showering? Our wash basin empties through the sump. Is it possible to plumb the pump dishwasher style so the wash basin empties by gravity without the need for an extra skin fitting?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Wednesday 31 July, 12.01pm | 3 answers

Raised ledge on rear deck

I have recently taken delivery of a 60 x 10 feet wide beam narrowboat and have had a gen set installed beneath the rear deck.The boat builder has left us with a 60mm raised area over the generator which is a trip hazard. Is this legal?

Asked by: Alec McCann  | Wednesday 24 July, 3.55pm | 3 answers

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