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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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Is there and danger of a battery exploding left on solar panal trickle charge for a long time. I have to leave my boat for a long time whats the worst senario.

Asked by: Sheila  | Tuesday 23 July, 8.08pm | 2 answers


Hi I have my boat on a marina but due to ill health we cant get to the boat at the moment I'm worried about the battieres they are being charged by solar panels are they safe to leave for long periods I have heard about there can be a build up of gases is this ture many thanks

Asked by: Sheila  | Friday 19 July, 6.59pm | 1 answer

Can I change from 12V to 6V batteries

I need to buy some new batteries and have seen some 6V giving 230AH as opposed to a 12V only giving 115AH. Is it possible to change from 12V to 6V?

Asked by: Peter  | Friday 12 July, 9.28am | 1 answer

Easylass Windlass

Can you put me in touch with the manufacturer/supplier of this geared ratcheted windlass or similar product.
Many thanks

Asked by: Stephen Ware  | Tuesday 9 July, 5.01pm | 3 answers

boat security 2

How serious a problem is boat theft and break ins. Is their any data on this subject. Was the boat stolen a few months ago from a amarina found ?

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | Wednesday 26 June, 3.22pm | 1 answer

boat security

I want to buy a boat security device, to track my boat if it gets stolen and secures my boat from theives trying to break in. What is the best device I can buy and where do I buy it from. Many thanks

Asked by: laura  | Sunday 23 June, 10.17pm | 2 answers

Shower Installation

Hi, Has WW published articles on Shower Installation in Narrowboats. Is next months WW going to have an article on this.
Have you published any articals on Solar Hot Water systems?

Asked by: Martin Hickson  | Saturday 15 June, 10.29am | 3 answers

Hull Weed Removal

I'm sure this must have been asked many times but I'm hoping somebody has some advice.
My narrowboat hull was blacked 12 months ago and now has loads of weed. Does anybody know of a way of getting most of it off without taking the boat out and re-blacking?
I'm live-aboard so don't cruise much. Guess this is contributing to the growth.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Asked by: chris meads  | Wednesday 5 June, 8.35am | 4 answers

Drive train clonking in gear

Dear all,
I have a beta marine 38, with a PRM delta gearbox (no input shaft spline wear) driven by an R & D 'extra dampening' drive plate. Coupled via a double-cardan/constant velocity joint (from a london taxi propshaft), through a plumber's block to the stern bearing.
When engaged in gear, at tick-over (wound down to 550rpm), there is a distinct 'clonk-clonk-clonk' coming from the region of the gearbox.
At higher engine speeds, this noise seems to go away, although that could just be the engine drowning it out.
The shaft/cv join moves freely (with the force expected to drive a prop in water) by hand in both directions. The engine is angled down slightly on its mounts (adjustable screw-nut ones) so that the double-cardan input is slightly off-set.
My question is - should I worry about this? I have no nylon coupling between the gearbox and the prop/cv-join input shaft, so is this likely to just be 'clonky plumbers block'?
Should I raise the tick-over? It was wound down when the engine control lever insisted on increasing the rpm prior to engaging gear - there is now a correct control lever. I think the rated tickover is 750rpm. I will increase it.
Many thanks,
Patrick Vale

Asked by: Patrick Vale  | Monday 3 June, 4.32pm | 4 answers

Is sand blasting necessary

When having a boat repainted is it necessary to remove the metal oxide by sand blasting or do modern primers key and prevent micro-blistering.I have heard International Paints only guarantee their paint if the surface has been sand blasted.

Asked by: grayham pope  | Tuesday 28 May, 2.29pm | 1 answer

wide boat

what waterway can I go on with a 10ft wide boat

Asked by: Rob Sweeney  | Friday 24 May, 10.47pm | 4 answers

doubling plates?

I have recently seen a riveted iron boat which is clearly a Bantock although no details are available. Along both sides extending down from the waterline to the hard chine there are a series of what, at first sight, appear to be doubling plates riveted to the shell each about 500 mm square and of the same thickness as the shell. They are not all exactly the same shape as they have different corners. There is a square hole in the shell behind each of the plates which has been deliberately cut. Can you tell me what they are and why they were fitted? It has been suggested to me that they were where wooden footings together with an elm bottom were once fitted. If that is so how was that done?

Asked by: JEFFREY WOOD  | Friday 10 May, 11.00am | 2 answers

Alternator/Instrument panel probems

I am having intermittent problems with my alternator/instrument panel on my 10 year old Isuzu LC38.Every 15 minutes or so, the instrument panel warning buzzer 'clicks' rapidly, this progresses to a 'warble' -like a canary. The sound then suddenly stops and the tachometer hand drops to zero. After about 10 minutes, everything returns to normal but the engine revs 'dip' slightly.I have checked wiring , fan belt etc. and when the ignition is on but the engine not started, the warning buzzer and warning lights operate as normal.
Can you help please.

Asked by: Richard Cook  | Tuesday 7 May, 7.51am | 2 answers

Blacking - Waterline Rust

We were surprised to find quite a bit of rust on the waterline of our narrowboat hull after the winter as the boat was only blacked 18 months ago and the anodes were checked and some renewed. It is important to get the boat blacked now or could the job be left to September? What treatment should be done to deal with the rust?

Asked by: Clive Dutson  | Thursday 2 May, 10.14am | 3 answers

Grey Water recycling

I am in the process of designing a 60' x 11.5' liveaboard with the build starting in July this year and want it to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I want to use the grey water on board to flush the toilet but can find no information regarding this on a boat. I have emailed companies who advertise their services for commercial buildings and houses but had no response. Can anyone tell me if it is possible and point me in the right direction

Asked by: David Nei  | Friday 26 April, 7.33pm | 4 answers

Rickmansworth branch

can anyone tell me whether the Rickmansworth Branch is still navigable? Does one need to make any special arrangements to use it?

Asked by: Bob Dewey  | Thursday 25 April, 6.37pm | 3 answers

Russell newbery dm3

Hi anyone have a PDF of the owners manual for a Dm3 I'm new to this engine need to know routine maintenance especially where to put the oil in! Cheers

Asked by: David Bernstein  | Wednesday 24 April, 10.23pm | 1 answer

Protect our British waterways

I have been challenged to design a new method of raising funds for the Canal and River Trust, and thought i'd open my brief to the boating community.
As a charity and charged with the constant upkeep of our inland navigable waterways - they are constantly battling with dwindling funds.
Has anyone had any bright ideas about raising funds?
Any areas or groups of people that would be best to target?
Existing methods include the shaking of plastic buckets, manned by volunteers. Surely this isn't the most effective way of going about it..?!
I look forward to hearing some of your opinions

Asked by: adam grout  | Thursday 18 April, 4.26pm | 6 answers

battery life

i am a liveaboard boater and my batteries are 4 yrs old.previously charging batteries for 1 to 2 hrs every day.when charged they used to read over 13 amps.recently after the the bowlsame amount of time charging they now only read 12.66.also my bath drain pump has not been as effective.the pump hasnt kept up with the discharge of water from my bath into the bowl which is xcontrolled by a float switch.if i start the engine the pump then works fine.do you think that because of the length of time i have had the batteries that the amps in the batteries are greatly reduced and could need replacing.i have no amp metre so can only test voltage.i have a 100amp alternator charging 4 100amp batteries for domestic use and the alternator is reading over 14.5 volts when charging.

Asked by: christopher smith  | Thursday 18 April, 10.00am | 3 answers

Date avaiable in shops

Hi. When is WW magazine available in shops. I already have the April issue and the 2013 annual. I intend to buy a subscription soon

Asked by: Mark Atkinson  | Wednesday 10 April, 12.26pm | 2 answers

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