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16 AMP Generators

I recently asked for advice about a Generator for my narrowboat as the electric had been cut off at my Marina. I have found a Generator I wish to purchase but, as with all i looked at, the output is 16AMP. Can i just connect it my boat in the same way I would a landline or do I need equipment to reduce to 13AMP. I am assuming standard hookup is 13AMP. Any info gratefully received.

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Tuesday 9 October, 12.03pm | 2 answers

Problems running the engine whilst moored up so as to charge the batteries.

Referring to Graham Booth's article "A Sunny Solution" (p.48 WW Nov 2012), he warns about glazing the cylinder bores if the engine is run to recharge the batteries.
I was concerned about this potential problem, which many people seek to minimise by running the engine with the prop engaged, so asked Beta Marine about my own 1994 BV2203, which is a 50hp four cylinder Kubota diesel. Their advice was to run the engine at about 1200 rpm without engaging the prop. Their technical guy stated that they had had no trouble with glazed bores.
Since this question seems to crop up quite often please could the sages at Waterways World provide a definitive answer?

Asked by: Colin Wilks  | Monday 8 October, 6.05pm | 4 answers

Solar thermal on a boat

I know the panels would be ugly, but has anyone tried solar thermal for hot water heating on a boat?
It might be good for liveaboards who are not moving much/don't want to use engine to heat water up.
Also it should save on gas/diesel over traditional hot water systems.
On domestic houses they are very efficient and can produce piping hot water all year round.
The basic set up would be:
- 1-2 panels on the roof (I did check online and it appears there are panels of the right size for the top of a narrowboat).
- pipes from panels through roof to water cylinder.
- small 12v pump to pump the fluid to the panels. This fluid circulates in the panels, absorbs the heat from the sun and takes the heat back to the water cylinder.

Asked by: Paul McMahon  | Monday 8 October, 4.01pm | 3 answers

No reverse

Hi folks my friend has just inherited a narrowboat on our first trip out the craft seemed to only forward but no reverse when engaged into reverse it propelled the boat forward it's a morse trottle no model number on it side mounted and has a tap like choke on the front of it any solutions would be great

Asked by: barry  | Sunday 7 October, 9.26am | 1 answer

Solid fuel stove

Where can I find detailed information on fitting a solid fuel buring stove in my narrowbaot to current standards? I am particularly interested in the flue requirements. Thanks.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | Friday 5 October, 12.11pm | 1 answer

Which water pump???

Heh ww, Iam fitting out my narrow boat from scratch and I need some water pump advice. It is 70ft with a water travel from pump to tap of 10 metres. I will be running 2 sinks and a shower from my pump and also an instant gas water heater heater. I have checked what the minimum working pressure is for the water heater but I just havent got a clue which water pump to buy... I want a good waterflow for the distance and pump to travel and I know you get what you pay for, so what pump would you recommend.

Asked by: Chris Trendowicz  | Wednesday 26 September, 9.59am | 2 answers

Trickle Charging Batteries

I read in your Q & A section that someone has 5 x 110 AH and 1 X 50 AH batteries which they want to leave on trickle charge unattended over the winter months. It was suggested that a 60 W panel would be ideal. I have a 150 W panel, can I use this and what sort of controller woulkd I need. I also have a 1 x 110 AH bow- thruster battery which I would like to keep charged. Thanks for any advice.

Asked by: Alan Denney  | Monday 24 September, 3.32pm | 8 answers

electric bike

Anybody got any experience of charging batteries on an electric bike, we will be using the power from on board mostly only sometimes using mains ie. marinas. simple electronic calculation please.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | Wednesday 19 September, 7.48pm | 1 answer

solar cells

I have 5x 110amp hoise batteries and 1x 120amp starter battery. I am returnimg to Australia for 3 months in early December and am considering solar cells to trickle feed batteries and hopefully ensure they are not ruind by an unforseen cold snap. What size cell will I need to do this? Will I need two- one for domestic and one for starter?

Asked by: peter osullivan  | Wednesday 19 September, 4.44pm | 2 answers

need a generator

The marina I am at has had its electric cut off and is unlikely to be reinstated. I will need a generator but don't know was size/output/fuel etc. I will need for my narrowboat. I have a 1800w Sterling inverter and a battery charger. Any advice would be appreciated. I am unable to move as mooring is pre-paid and I doubt if I would get my money back (winters coming).

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Sunday 16 September, 11.05am | 3 answers

Lon term moorings in the north of England

I have a 52ft narrowboat that is currently moored in Brentoford in west London. I would like to move back up north, closer to family etc., but am struggling to find any listings for long term moorings in northern cities e.g. Lancaster. If anyone has any advice on where to look, it would be hugely appreciated!

Asked by: Jenny Thwaites  | Monday 10 September, 10.40am | no answers yet - add one

Leak in Stern Gland

I have a slight leak in the stern gland of my narrowboat and am looking for a good, reasonably priced, mechanic who would do the work at my marina at Lechlade on Thames Glos. Any recommendations?

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Wednesday 5 September, 8.09pm | 2 answers

Suitable holiday?

In 2013 we (1 x 75, 1x 70, 1x 69 and 1 x 40) would like to holiday by narrowboat on the Kennet & Avon canal. Would our ages and total lack of experience prevent a relaxing first time narrow boat holiday?

Asked by: john clayden  | Wednesday 5 September, 3.57pm | 7 answers

motorcycle on narrow boat

I have seen a motorcycle lifted onto the bow of a narrow boat, and I have found Belle they have stowed a motorcycle, but the photos dont show the motorcycle in situ, has anybody got other ideas.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | Monday 3 September, 6.13pm | 1 answer

Trickle charging batteries

My 10 amp Smart battery charger has just failed. I use it to keep my 3x110 amp domestic batteries trickle charged via a shoreline connection when at my home mooring. I am receiving conflicting advice on what I should buy to replace it. One view is that a charger rated at 10 amps is not adequate for the job and that I need at least 50 amps. The other opinion is that for a trickle charge, 10 amps should be adequate. Do you have a view?

Asked by: John Burt  | Monday 3 September, 2.27pm | 3 answers

NB Purton

Is there a histo9ry of the 1930's Northwhich Purton? I think it was cut down by BW for the L&L as a floating workshop, then privately owned.

Asked by: John Mack  | Saturday 1 September, 11.58am | 3 answers

How good is 2 pack paint

Is having a narrowboat sprayed with 2 pack paint worthwhile. Does the surface chip & scratch less and stay rust free longer.

Asked by: grayham pope  | Friday 31 August, 5.49pm | 2 answers

Best filter for diesel bug /water.

Can you advise the best extra filter to fit before the standard fuel filter on my Nanni engine to remove water and the diesel bug from my fuel ?

Asked by: David Spencer  | Friday 31 August, 4.25pm | 4 answers

Locking fuel cap

Does anyone know where i can buy a locking fuel cap for my narrowboat?

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Tuesday 28 August, 5.55pm | 3 answers

70 foot long mooring rope

Where can i buy a 70 foot long mooring rope (delivered) for the bow of my 58 foot narrowboat for when i travel the Thames single handed. Tried searching online but can't find one, any suggestions.

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Tuesday 28 August, 5.53pm | 3 answers

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