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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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We are lucky enough to be having a narrowboat built and I have 60 million questions but here is the first.....I am wondering why don't people have 6 fenders (Short ones to avoid being a hazzard in locks) attached to the sides? Surely the more you have the more protected the boat? I've see it described as a contact sport on several occasions. Looking forward to any advice on the matter.

Asked by: suzie  | Tuesday 24 April, 8.57am | 4 answers

inverter problems

electronics engineer ( mobile)boat moored thorne doncaster.

Asked by: david smith  | Monday 23 April, 8.26pm | no answers yet - add one

water ingress in diesel

what can i buy to prevent water getting in diesel fuel on my narrowboat

Asked by: barry philpott  | Saturday 21 April, 9.15pm | 4 answers

Toilet Cleaners and Brewers Yeast

Have just bought my first boat with electric macerator toilet and remote tank. I have been told NOT to use bleach for cleaning. Info for toilet says use normal domestic cleaners??. Also read that brewers yeast can be used in the tank to break things down. 2 Questions. 1. what's bet cleaning products to use for toilet? 2. How much brewers yeast should i use and do i buy it.
Thanks Paul

Asked by: Paul Jones  | Saturday 21 April, 12.12pm | 4 answers


Hi just a quick one whats the best length colour and diameter of mooring rope do i buy for 57ft narrow boat, thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | Friday 20 April, 5.52pm | 3 answers

Slow charging of new batteries

I have recently replaced my 6 5year old leisure batteries with 3 new ones and am having trouble charging them.
What reason would my alternator charge at a low ampage (at 5amps) into the bank of the 3 new batteries (all 110 amp)which hadbeen discharged by at least 70 amps?
The old batteries were charging normally,for old batteries,before they were taken out.
The new batteries are numax brand,sealed.
Thanks very much,
Rachel welton.

Asked by: rachel welton  | Thursday 19 April, 6.43pm | 3 answers

Do Galvanic protection devices work ?

My narrow boat moored in a marina, is connected to the mains for months at a time to charge my battery bank. As most of the other boats in the marina are also 'plugged in', I am concerned about galvanic corrosion even though I have anodes fitted. I am thinking of installing an earth breaking device, do they work in stopping the corrosion ?

Asked by: David Spencer  | Tuesday 17 April, 4.59pm | 2 answers

Treatments for natural rope fenders

I have 2 new tipcats and a button made from natural rope. Is there a preservative treatment I should use before fitting to the boat.

Asked by: Kenton lock  | Sunday 15 April, 9.43pm | 1 answer

Grey water tanks and pollution

I am still new to narrowboating and until recently thought that grey water went into a tank which is pumped out at marinas. However I now understand that on most boats it goes straight into the canal or river. Do some boats have tanks and others not? Do you have any recommendations for good non-polluting cleaning products for use around a narrowboat?

Asked by: Julian Morrison-Little  | Friday 13 April, 11.35am | 2 answers

flying the flag

We would like to fly a flag on the stern of our narrowboat, should it union flag or the red ensign, i have been told it is illeagal to fly the union flag, would be gratefull for a diffinative answer

Asked by: stanley morris  | Friday 6 April, 8.33pm | 1 answer

What paint?

I'd like some suggestions as to what paint and undercoat (other than expensive marine paint) I could use once I've rubbed down some rust and ready to repaint my boat.
Thanks. Rob

Asked by: robert statham  | Monday 2 April, 7.56pm | 3 answers

Boat batteries again

Hi, Graham & Rupert, with reference to my last question on boat batteries on 25th March 2012, can you please give me any further info as follows.
Thank you both for your advice, I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
If it all goes wrong I have been looking at battery types, Deep cycle wet lead-acid or Gel Deep cycle types Both types are sold as sealed and maintenance free, however all batteries gas when charging and must vent. Are sealed maintenance free batteries really maintenance free? or able to be topped up and worth buying, I do not mind paying a bit more for them if they give me better service than open type. Are you able to recommend your preferance Gel v Wet lead acid and any makes.

Asked by: David Anderson  | Tuesday 27 March, 5.48pm | 2 answers

Boat batteries

I have 4 Leisure batteries and 1 starter battery on my boat they are all wet cell type. One of the leisure batteries is eating up distilled water and must be starting to go faulty,the other 3 seem fine. I am aware you can not put in a new battery with the existing batteries, however my starter battery is exactly the same type and age as the existing leisure batteries so I was woundering if got rid of the bad battery and replaced it with the starter battery? they would then all be the same type and age. I would then buy a new starter battery. Do you think this would be ok.your advice would be much appreciated

Asked by: David Anderson  | Sunday 25 March, 4.07pm | 2 answers

best time of day to get through denver sluice

can any one help, im planning on moving my boat from ely to ringstead starting the night of 25th march 2012. can any one tell me the best time to get through denver sluice and is it possible to get through out of normal operation hours, also if any one knows if all the locks on nene are open
thanks guys i`ll look forward to any answers or sugestions

Asked by: damien  | Thursday 22 March, 2.41am | 3 answers

Getting hot water a problem

I am having problems with the heating of the water from my engine to the calorifier! Sometimes it's getting hot but other times it isn't! Can anybody help with this please? Paulnderszo

Asked by: Paul Repton  | Friday 16 March, 6.25pm | 3 answers

Double skinned chimney's

I am planning a few boat jobs for the spring and,having spent part of last year sorting out the wood burner, I wondered if it was advantageous to fill the cavity between the inner and outer skin of a double skinned chimney. I have searched online and various people have filled the cavity with fire resistant foam, rockwool, or tin foil and others say there is nothing to gain.

Asked by: Andy Hunter  | Friday 16 March, 4.50pm | 4 answers

engine gearbox oil

i have a beta 35 engine the manual says use mineral based oil for none turbo engines. can i use oil that says on the label for turbo and none turbo engines

Asked by: christopher smith  | Thursday 15 March, 8.47am | 2 answers


Where can I buy deckboards for my narrowboat, preferably in the Surrey, Southern counties area ?

Asked by: John Keane  | Monday 12 March, 12.16pm | 4 answers

Birmingham square base plates

I know Tyler Wilson build on a Birmingham square base plate that is wider than the standard 2 meters.Are there any other hull builders using this wider base plate?

Asked by: John Dibble  | Monday 12 March, 8.42am | 4 answers

Re: Continuous cruising and medication

We are planning to continuous cruise for the whole of the summer, we are both on long term medication and I wondered how continuous cruisers are able to repeat there prescriptions when the doctor will only write a prescription for two months at a time, this must be a problem for a lot of people and I wonder how they got around this.
Many thanks

Asked by: John Geobey  | Saturday 10 March, 10.16am | 1 answer

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