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High Charging Voltage Problem

Our boat is fitted with an Iskra 100a. alternator and an Adverc management system. Since fitting, five years ago, the alternator has charged as it should - cycling between about 14.1v & 14.5v through the Adverc system, measured across the starter battery terminals on the boat's built-in digital voltmeter.
Late last summer, the charging voltage abruptly changed to 14.7 - 14.8v - the boat's meter agrees with my hand held multimeter and with two others, one used professionally, so no question of faulty meter.
Disconnecting the Adverc made no difference - in any case, the Adverc will control up, but not down.
The alternator went away for a replacement regulator, but this too has made no difference.
The boat is also fitted with a Sterling 3-stage charger : the first stage 'boost' charge should be 14.4v, but is now 14.8v.
The batteries (1 x 96ah + 2 x 110ah) are only 3 years old, and hold charge very well, but are tending to need topping up regularly.
Do I have a problem ? - and if so where is the likely culprit, and how do I confirm ? I do not want to spend nearly £300 on new batteries on a hunch that they may be the cause.

Asked by: Richard Smith  | Friday 27 January, 2.06pm | 4 answers

Ellis Heatmaster Boiler

Can anybody please direct me to an online manual for an Ellis Heatmaster or does somebody have a manua they are willing to copy or sell.
Thanks very much, Roy.

Asked by: Roy Harris  | Tuesday 24 January, 11.15pm | 3 answers

Medway hire boats

Are there any companys that hire cabin cruisers on the Medway?

Asked by: BJM  | Monday 16 January, 12.51pm | 1 answer

tracing first boat

I would like to see if my one and only boat (owned for about 4 years around 1990) is still afloat. Is there any way I can do this?

Asked by: justrichard  | Saturday 14 January, 7.17pm | 7 answers

shore power

how do i fit a shore power to my narrowboat

Asked by: dave sykes  | Saturday 24 December, 5.55pm | 1 answer

canals on tv

id like a copy of all the waterway canal programs that have been on telly
ive looked everywere hopefully you can help

Asked by: tim porter  | Monday 19 December, 7.17pm | 1 answer

Too many windows

Ive just bought a hull that the previous owner had started to fit out before making the windown watertight. Most of his hard work has been undone by water damage. Now this boat has 'lots' of windows and marine windows are expensive. Has anyone ever decided to blank off any windows on a narrowboat and if they did, what did they do? thank you

Asked by: John Wright  | Monday 19 December, 3.05pm | 4 answers

Cratch boards

Where can i get plans to build a cratch board

Asked by: B Davison  | Monday 12 December, 11.28pm | 1 answer

a proper seat

is there a boat builder who puts a proper comfortable seat on the back of a narrowboat were you can sit for 8 hours without being tyred out I have been an narrowboat owner for 11 years
and at 70 i just can't stand there any more

Asked by: terry roberts  | Tuesday 6 December, 7.20pm | 4 answers

John Southcombe

Hi I have a cooling problem I have renovated a 37 foot narrowboat with a 1.5 BMC diesel the temperature does strange things it takes a very long time to warm up goes to 80 drops to 40 and sometimes does not cool but overheats. so there's the symptoms.
The engine cooling circuit seems strange it has a bowman manifold that has been disconnected from the water supply. it has twin keel tanks the R/H tank is the inlet for the existing bmc water pumpthe left hand tank has a Jabsco pump attached I first thought this was pulling water out of the engine from the thermostat but it is no its pumping water into the thermostat the back of the cylinder head had an outlet on that is feeding a header tank this tank splits and returns the water back to the keel tanks.
firstly is the BMC water pump man enough to circulate both skin tanks they each hold 40 litres.
would it be better to put the jabsco inline the the engine pump the help delivery.
Thirdly has anyone got a layout they can share with me. Overheated twice now damaged an impeller and think I may have cooked the head need to sort this out I believe it has had some tinkering with by the previous owner. The boat was stood idle for a couple of years and is now back to her former glory apart from the engine problem.

Asked by: john southcombe  | Sunday 20 November, 8.08am | 4 answers

Solar Panels

Would it be advantage to have solar panels on the roof and which do you sudjest would be the correct size and how much should i expect to pay.The boat is moored for 6 months

Asked by: Chas Lee-Amies  | Saturday 19 November, 5.28pm | 5 answers

engine size

would a lister ts2 20hp have enouth power for a 57 foot narrowboat thanks chris

Asked by: christopher smith  | Saturday 19 November, 11.50am | 3 answers

french varnish

I am trying to find the name of a particular varnish, made in France, that I saw demonstrated at Crick Boat Show. The finish was absolutely wonderfull and in addition to this, the varnish sank into the wood, not just sitting on the suface like modern products.

Asked by: peter bishop  | Thursday 17 November, 3.58pm | 2 answers

Water tank

I have no breather on my integral water tank. Not fitted by builder. Should there be one?

Asked by: C Barlow  | Monday 14 November, 10.55am | 3 answers

what do i need to know?

Hello there,
I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but i'm buying my first boat, and have lots of questions, but what do i actually need to know when viewing and inquiring about a boat? so far my check list is:
Stern type,
Last blacked?
Thanks for any help,

Asked by: Jess Clay  | Saturday 12 November, 2.02pm | 3 answers

Please help

My 7 year old daughters teacher asked her why does the canal towpath change sides?, could anybody answer this please. i thought maybe it was either land ownwrship issues when being built or maybe it was for the benifet of the horses ie strain on the horses when pulling loaded boats being swapped from one side to the other preventing them going lame!!! if you know better please let me know

Asked by: Ray Fleckney  | Friday 4 November, 6.30pm | 2 answers

Drive problem

I have an Isuzu 35 engine coupled to a PRM120D gearbox via a centraflex shaft coupling. When selecting forward drive the contact seems quite heavy and is not smooth like on other boats I have owned. This was picked up during a recent survey and as a result a new drive plate was fitted with little or no effect. My boat is 6 years old. Any ideas please.

Asked by: Mike Jordan  | Thursday 3 November, 4.43pm | 1 answer

weight of a 1980's 31ft Dartline narrowboat

Does anyone know how heavy a 31ft 1980 steel hull & GRP top Dartline Narrowboat is please?

Asked by: ellie  | Wednesday 2 November, 8.48pm | 2 answers

Skin tanks

How do I flush out my skin tank?

Asked by: Dave & Ann Mackintosh  | Monday 31 October, 11.25am | 2 answers

how can I identify my narrowboat No 46786

I purchased my 40ft narrowboat "Lockwood" No. 46786 7yrs ago for major renovation. ( I understand it had been out of the water several yrs then. I contacted BW and asked if they could give me any information on the boat but said they had no record of this number. No makers plate or numbers are present as far as I can tell. The hull is made from 1/4" plate and the upper cabin is timber beams & boarded, It has a josher style bow & swept up cabin at the traditional stern end.Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am aiming to have it in the water next year.

Asked by: John Lewis  | Friday 28 October, 8.11pm | 5 answers

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