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Got a technical question or a boating query? Post your quandaries here and pick the brains of the WW team. You can also add your answers to others' questions, or browse through previous answers.

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what requirements does a shell need to cruise BWaterways?

I have a shell that has not been registered or have a reg name or number. I want to put it on the waterways canal but im not sure how i go about getting the reg, how i licence it and what type of BSC i need if one at all. i am also not sure if i can insure it without the BSC. it has an engine that has just been fitted but nothing else yet.

Asked by: laura23  | Sunday 24 July, 8.06pm | 4 answers

Is a narrow boat suitable for the European Waterways

Is a narrow boat suitable for the European Waterways?

Asked by: John McCulloch  | Thursday 21 July, 1.18pm | 2 answers

Barrus Shire Engine Driven Alternators

Has anyone suffered problems with alternators on a Barrus Shire 1950 engine and what did you do to resolve them.

Asked by: wally Rhodes  | Tuesday 19 July, 9.23am | 1 answer

buying a boat 2

i asked the question a couple of weeks ago about buying a 70 ft - 12ft 6 inch widebeam (narrow boat) the most useful answer came from Rupert Smedley thank-you. i have been looking in to this for a few years now and a couple of years ago i subscribed to this magazine and one other but found they were of little use to me for the advice i was looking for. in no way is this a criticism i realise you must cater for the majority of your readers.i realise the size of boat will restrict me to only a few rivers or canals in the uk that is not a problem as most cruising will be in France. i have looked at dutch barges but prefer the look and closeness to the water of the narrow boat plus i would not want to dismantle the roof every time i went under a low bridge. so when i sit down with a few chosen builders i would like to know what i need built into the boat. i learnt from my father many years ago not to take advice from the person you are buying from. so any advice on the following would be appreciated. hydraulic steering by wheel while sitting, with all controls in front of me on the stern, hydraulic bow and stern thrusters. what size batteries/ generator/ inverter would i need to be totally self sufficient, the boat would have air conditioning to both bedroom and lounge plus all the other home comforts without having to turn something of when using something else what is the maximum sizes without adding up all the watts then dividing by some number and dividing by another, can self efficiency be achieved? could a remote control be installed for steering so i could pass through locks without holding other boats up, as i will be solo cruising for part of the year. would a flat bottom with a chine be any help with handling. i would want to use the roof for sitting and eating when stationary so what thickness of steel for skeleton and skin would the boat need to allow four or five people to be on roof also i cannot believe the same thickness of steel for a 58ft - 7ft boat is adequate for the size of boat i am talking about as the longer something is the weaker it becomes and the more bendable. i like under floor heating but Reading these pages on advice Waterways World are not so keen on it. what is the best way of keeping the engine and generator as quiet as possible. the list goes on i will save the others for another day. i would appreciate as much advice as possible. thank-you for listening. p.s cost is not the most important consideration

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | Monday 18 July, 5.52pm | no answers yet - add one

Name of the man at the tiller

My wife and I were wondering, is there a correct term for the man/woman who is at the tiller of a narrow boat, ie driver for a car, pilot for a plane, rider for a motorbike.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | Monday 18 July, 5.15pm | 3 answers

poloma heater

still having trouble with poloma had new pump had a reconditioned bolier and still no joy just keeps going out when does stay in water is cold

Asked by: graham blackhurst  | Saturday 16 July, 1.05pm | 1 answer

Creighton 27' GBP hull

Anybody any idea what would be the weight of this kind of boat

Asked by: chris pegg  | Saturday 16 July, 11.36am | 1 answer

Size of Narrowboat

Hi, have been told that to get around all the canals, the max length would be 57'. Have been looking at a 60' that ticks all the boxes, would this be suitable?

Asked by: Anthony Burnell  | Monday 11 July, 11.16am | 1 answer

diesel cost

Hi can any one tell me the cost of filling up with diesel on say a 40 gallon tank, and how far or hours would this last, engine 35 beta,thanks

Asked by: andy wakler  | Friday 8 July, 12.23pm | 2 answers

Long term hire.

Hi. I am contemplating buying my own nb in the near future. Before I do that it is my intention to take an extended cruise probably out of season just to ensure my family are still onside! Just before I email most of the hire companies in the UK can anybody suggest/advise/recommend any particular company that allows for such hiring.
Thank you

Asked by: John  | Friday 8 July, 9.59am | 1 answer

widebeam navigation

I understand that you cannot get a widebeam north to south or vise a versa is this right and if so are there any plans to change the situation

Asked by: fred  | Monday 4 July, 5.50am | 2 answers

spud-legs and thickness of steel

is it possible to have spud-legs on a wide-beam narrow boat and what is the thickest steel the boat could be made of. ie 25-20-10-10. Fred if you answer yes i am real so just an answer please i would appreciate any advice

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | Saturday 2 July, 11.14am | 1 answer

buying a boat

i reach retirement age next year and seriously thinking of having a 70 ft by 12.5 ft narrow boat style built. i will live on it full time and cruise full time. i will also take it to france to cruise there from time to time. most of the time i will be cruising solo,i will take what ever lessons are needed and spend as long as it takes to become competent at solo cruising.my question is this. i am willing to spend up to 400,000 pounds on the boat to get the best spec possible but how can i be confident in who to trust.if i was buying a car i know what i am doing but buying a narrow boat seems to be hoping you have chosen the right builder. i am not used to spending that sort of money and hopping. it is getting to the point where i am thinking of forgetting the whole thing. which would disappoint me. how can be sure of getting the best boat for my bucks. also they all seem to give a 12 month guarantee which is pathetic they cannot have much faith in their work.

Asked by: Mr Vernon Whitehair  | Wednesday 29 June, 1.10pm | 7 answers

Leisure Battery Lifetime and replacement

We are into our 5 cruising year and the 4 NUMAX M 110 batteries do not hold charge so well these nights. We are plugged in via a Victron inverter when not cruising. Do you have any suggestions on the best batteries to buy as replacements?

Asked by: Rob Henry  | Tuesday 28 June, 4.01pm | 2 answers

Medway to Thames

How difficult/easy is it to navigate out of the Medway round the estuarys into Thames.

Asked by: Peter Wright  | Sunday 26 June, 9.23pm | 1 answer

Hull re blacking

could you please answer my question regarding re blacking the hull on a 57ft narrowboat.it has been in the water since new just under 2 years and I know it is due (blacking used "international intertuf".I think there is evidence of mill scale causing somerust areas and the hull has numerous small orange rust spots as well as lots of weed.ok to my question .from a diy point of view how should I best prepare the hull for re blacking .is jet washing then sanding it all down to bare metal the way to remove all mil scale .do you need to remove every bit of blacking on the hull above and below water line.
please advise
Thank you

Asked by: Ray Fleckney  | Sunday 26 June, 8.17pm | 1 answer

Rachet Winch Handles

Do you have the name and telephone number of the company that manufactures ratche winch handles?

Asked by: Martin Hickson  | Friday 24 June, 4.38pm | 2 answers

river severn

how far is the river severn navigable from stourport on severn to bewdley and what is the minimum draft

Asked by: christopher smith  | Wednesday 22 June, 1.18pm | 1 answer

Installing a 240 V shore line

How much might it cost to install a 240 V shore line on a 30 ft narrowboat? Are there different factors I would need to consider in the installation?

Asked by: Linnea   | Monday 20 June, 4.57pm | 1 answer

Heating/hot water

Are there any rules or regulations or reasons why I can not fit a small LPG domestic combi boiler in my narrow boat. David

Asked by: David Anderson  | Thursday 16 June, 1.27pm | 1 answer

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