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Water tank drain off

How is the best and easy way to drain off the water tank, ready for winter? Or is there a chance of the water can stay in the tank?

Asked by: Mr P Jones  | 9.26am, Friday 21 November

WW says:

In my view, the best way is to drain the tank with the water pump (probably with the engine running) until it sucks no more. If you turn off the stop cock on the tank, then drain all the pipework by hand, if you can (especially the calorifier and low lying pipes), that should prevent damage.

If the water tank is below the waterline, it probably won't freeze- and as there is a large air-gap, if it does freeze, it should have room to expand and not cause problems.

Calorifiers and, especially instant hot water heaters (like Palomas) have a drain plug on the bottom. Try to remove as much as you can.

An alternative is to flush the last bit of the tank and water system, with a POTABLE (i.e. for drinking water) antifreeze solution, which is sold in many chandlers. This will also give you a good reason to flush fully and sterilise the tank in the spring!

Mark Langley  | 3.46PM, Saturday 29 November

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