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Q2! Two part epoxy colour integrity

Some of my co-owners feel that Two-part epoxy blacking fades with age. What is your experience of this?
Many Thanks
Robin Gulliver

Asked by: Robin Gulliver  | 9.44am, Wednesday 11 June

WW says:

Most two part epoxies go slightly grey and duller with age - some more than others. I used International Intertuf 362 last time and this did not go as grey as the Intertuf 548 which I used on the previous dry docking.
Don't forget that, unless things go seriously awry, the top bend of the hull - above the top rubbing strake - is always above the water line. You can therefore use a different paint that will not fade and is easier to touch up on this part. The two parts of the hull will obviously look different but the top bend is far more prominent so you might not notice the under part too much.
One paint that you might consider is Andy Russell's top bend paint.
(Please see my addition to the previous question)

Graham Booth  | 10.17AM, Wednesday 11 June

It is true that the two-pack epoxy paints do fade and end up a dark grey colour rather than black. One approach I have come across is to use two-pack on the bottom and underwater part of the sides up to just above the waterline; then paint the more visible upper sides with conventional bitumen paint down to the waterline. This gives that shiny black traditional look and can also be easily touched up.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.21AM, Wednesday 11 June

Readers say:

Thank you very much for your answers.
Kind regards
Robin Gulliver

Robin Gulliver  | 9.11AM, Thursday 12 June

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