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Toilet flush problem.

Sunday evening my Thetford cassette toilet would not flush.
I checked the fuse box in the engine room start cupboard and one of the fuses had tripped out so I re-engaged it.
Then followed a loud "whiring noise" and the toilet would flush but then the fuse quickly tripped out again and I was back to square one with no flush.
Everything else works ok and the water system to the taps and shower are fine along with the lighting and landline powered socket points.
Thanks in advance.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | 7.58pm, Sunday 22 June

WW says:

Presumably the noise that the toilet made when it did flush was different to normal.
I am afraid to say that it sounds as though the macerator mechanism is broken or damaged in some way which is overloading the motor and thus overloading the circuit and tripping the breaker.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.55PM, Monday 23 June

If it is a normal (i.e. Non-macerating) cassette loo, which I presume it is, then the solenoid which opens the water valve to flush the cassette toilet may have failed.
You should be able to easily get the spare parts from a chandlery or from a good caravan supplies shop- if you download the manual from Thetford, it will help you identify and trouble-shoot whichever particular system you have.
Which model of toilet are you using... Then we may be able to give more advice.

Mark Langley  | 2.26PM, Monday 23 June

Readers say:

Thanks for the replies and the problem is now fixed and I will explain here.
Yesterday afternoon I checked the engine oil and coolant levels. Next to the coolant expansion tank on the bulkhead there is a large, plain toggle switch and I remembered accidentally touching it and then some noises were heard. After I returned home from work today I put the toggle switch back to the off position and all is now working ok toilet flush wise. I have no idea what the large toggle switch does and thanks once again.

Trevor Smith  | 6.31PM, Monday 23 June

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