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Boat occasionally doesn't start

9 out of 10 times my nb starts first time but when she won't start it can take many attempts sometimes over 2 or 3 hours before she'll start. When I turn the key, heat the coil and then complete the turn it just clicks and doesn't start. My engine is a BMC 1.8 which was rebuilt when I bought my nb just over a year ago. Could it be the starting motor? There's no pattern as to why it won't start on the occasions it doesn't. It can happen whether I've not turned the engine on for a week or even if I've run it daily. I can even stop for 20 minutes and when I go to start up again it won't. At first I thought I wasn't heating the coil long enough but 50 seconds normally works. Any advice would be appreciated.

Asked by: Dave Snarey  | 7.39am, Tuesday 24 June

WW says:

It does indeed sound like the starter motor is not operating properly. The clue is the clicking noise heard when turning the key, this is the relay or solenoid that engages the starter motor. It is obviously not working properly.
You will probably find that removing the starter motor asembly and getting it rebuilt or fitting a replacement will solve the problem.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.16PM, Tuesday 24 June

Readers say:

Many thanks, I'll do that.

Dave Snarey  | 5.06PM, Tuesday 24 June

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