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Finding Alan Firth's relatives

I am sorry but I realise this doesn't exactly meet the brief for questions - I have some papers.emphera resulting from meeting the canal artist Alan Firth in the 80's I thought his next of kin might like these but don't how to find them. Also I used to teach Roses and Castles painting and have a collection of very helpful books etc.,
I can't find a copy of the Waterways world magazine here in St.Ives Cornwall! so don't know about scrap book page? Many thanks Angela

Asked by: Angela J Diggle  | 12.58pm, Saturday 28 June

WW says:

The best person I can think of to help you is Tim Coghlan who is the owner of Braunston Marina. Tim knew Alan well and I would be surprised if he does not have the information you are looking for.
He can be contacted on 01788 891373.

Graham Booth  | 5.38PM, Sunday 29 June

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