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LED Down lighters

I am looking for a supplier for the lights. Can anybody recommend a company. I will need 35. Look forward to your comments

Asked by: Chris Tidy  | 2.02pm, Thursday 10 July

WW says:

There are several companies that supply LED lights suitable for boats. One that I have used and can recommend is 'Bedazzled'. The website is www.bedazzled.uk.com. and the phone number is 01327 349683.
You could also try 'Baddie the Pirate' - www.baddiethepirate.co.uk. and 07811 137736. Although I have not bought from this company, I have spoken to the owner and found her very helpful.

Graham Booth  | 6.17PM, Thursday 10 July

Readers say:

Bedazzled have a good discount if you buy or order at the Crick show. I had just one bulb dead on arrival, replaced by return of post (excellent customer service), but the specification and safety features of their bulbs are excellent and the warm white versions are indistinguishable from halogen when in use. I took the opportunity to replace 10W ceiling lights with 20W equivalent LEDs, still using much less power than before!

Robert Wood  | 12.22PM, Wednesday 19 November

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