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Hot Water

After recent 3 day trip.Water from hot taps has a very slight blue tint. Could not smell antifreeze. Could there be an internal split in calorifier coil? Aprox 20yrs old fed from Lister LPW3 engine (recently serviced). Also can we still run engine if this is the case? Many thanks Steve.

Asked by: Stephen   | 12.58pm, Tuesday 22 July

WW says:

There are two things that could give you blue hot water; as you have already thought it may be antifreeze from the engine cooling circuit, or it might be a tank full of soft acidic water that is leaching the copper out of the calorifier.
If the coil in the calorifier has split, water from the pressurised domestic system will enter the engine circuit. With the engine stopped, leave the cap off the engine cooling system and leave the domestic water pump on. If there is a split in the calorifier coil the level will rise in the engine expansion tank over time.
It will be quite safe to run the engine as long as the cooling system is full of water.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.05PM, Wednesday 23 July

Readers say:

Many thanks for quick reply. The previous owner had a jar with a rubber tube from engine expansion tank which did fill up unexpectedly while on the move after a couple of hours. We have only had Narrowboat for ten months but have only recently been able to start making full use of it. Will try second suggestion just to make sure. Just don't want to end up with a spare calorifier!

Stephen   | 8.23PM, Wednesday 23 July

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