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Engine hours

I realise a lot depends on whether it has been "looked after" but would you consider 9500hours to be too rather high mileage even if as I'm told the engine has been owner serviced every 250 hours? It's a beta 43 by the way.

Asked by: Kevin Cracknell  | 7.20pm, Tuesday 29 July

WW says:

The Beta marine engines are marinised Kubota plant engines, which do have a good reputation for long life and reliability. 9500 hours is however a lot of hours; over a year in fact of continuous running, so it will be quite worn even with good servicing. There is however every chance that it will continue to give good service, but it would be a good idea to budget for a replacement engine if you intend to do a lot of boating.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.30PM, Tuesday 29 July

A new engine would be in the order of £5,000 plus between £1,000 and £2,500 for the installation, depending on the level of changes and replacements.
However, you might find substantial discounts on this figures, with some engine companies offering cheapr or even free, installation when buying an engine.
Also, reconditioned engines are an option, and these can be found for much less.
Even with large numbers of hours on the engine, as long as it performs well, and has regular oil/filter changes, plus is worked well (and not left idling for long periods of time to charge batteries) then there may still be a lot of life left in the engine. Such hours are not unknown in hire boat engines, for example, although they tend to be serviced far more frequently!

Mark Langley  | 10.10AM, Wednesday 30 July

Readers say:

Many thanks. Do you have a rough idea of the cost of a replacement engine, including installation?

Kevin Cracknell  | 9.44PM, Tuesday 29 July

My Nanni-Kubota 1498cc - 37.5 hp engine has now clocked up 3,300 hrs and starts and runs fine. My boat is a 2005 built and I bought it last October. It has no service history to read up on yet I am very pleased and happy with it.

Trevor Smith  | 9.51PM, Tuesday 29 July

I' d still like to know if any can give me a rough idea of the cost of a new beta 43 plus installation ? Thanks

Kevin Cracknell  | 10.23PM, Tuesday 29 July

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