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Black resin removal

How do I clean off the ugly staining to my paintwork left by burning logs that we're not properly seasoned. Thanks

Asked by: robert statham  | 5.16pm, Sunday 3 August

WW says:

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remove the staining without having to resort to repainting the affected area.
Much of the staining is tar-based, and so can sometimes be softened and removed with acetone, white spirit or similar; however, the paint film is likely to be damaged as well.
There are some proprietary products which claim to remove tar stains on other surfaces (such as Y10 gel for fibreglass surfaces) but I haven't tested them on tar stains on paintwork.
I would try using paper towels with a small amount of white spirit on them, and apply to the surface for a minute of two, to see if the stain softens to be removed- however, be careful that the paint film is not softened as well.
Otherwise, repainting might be the only way forward; though contact the paint manufacturer, and they may suggest a polish (or cutting compound) that can remove the surface damage- howevver, this tends to only work on fairly thick paint films.
In the future, you might find that a double skin chimney, when the inner flue sends condensed products of combust back down the inner flue, useful- though it does not always solve the problem. Longer flues tend to suffer less, as they draw better- and modern double-insulated flues run hotter internally, reduced the effect of tar production.

Mark Langley  | 4.16PM, Tuesday 5 August

Readers say:

Thanks Mark130

robert statham  | 5.31PM, Tuesday 5 August

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