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Skin fitting

Hi, new member, have a 30 ft springer 1992 project boat and redoing the kitchen, old waste pipe was size of a standard garden hose with several u bends, and made draining very laborious, want to fit proper 1 1/2 drainage pipe, is this advisable? Is it ok to make a bigger hole for a more suitable sized skin fitting?

Asked by: robert hutton  | 8.02pm, Monday 4 August

WW says:

It is absolutely fine to make a bigger hole- use a hole saw, if possible, with plenty of lubrication to avoid overheating (water with a few drops of washing up liquid in is a fairly environmentally safe way!). Run the drill slowly and file off any rough edges before fitting the skin fitting.
Whatever fitting you use (either bronze, brass or plastic) consider using some silicone sealant to ensure the seal between the fitting and the hull is sound.
If the drainage outlet is less than 150mm above the static waterline, I would strongly suggest that you ensure that the fittings inside the boat, to at least that level, are both watertight and secure- if you use hose, then double-jubilee clip the pipework, and consider jointing compound with compression plastic plumbing- avoid push-fit plumbing. This helps ensure the integrity of the pipework, should the boat tilt or become lower in the water at any point.

Mark Langley  | 4.11PM, Tuesday 5 August

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