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changing prop zinc on Vetus bow thruster

Hello, Rupert-
What is the best way to replace the prop zinc on my bow thruster? Do I disconnect the drive unit within the bow compartment, or do I hire a long-armed gorilla to do the job within the tunnel?
I do hope things are well with you. Midnight Auer and I are doing fine.
Best regards,

Asked by: mike auer  | 6.59pm, Tuesday 26 August

WW says:

Generally Vetus electric bow thrusters have the propeller gearbox mounted into the tube, with a flange fixed externally to hold the motor. The propeller with protective anode fits onto the drive shaft with hex headed screws. The propeller and anode can only be removed from inside the bow thruster tube. Most boat builders fit a weed hatch to the tube to give easy access to the propeller from inside the boat, or if the boat is a wide beam like yours; the thruster is offset to bring the propeller close to the side making access simpler when the boat is out of the water.
It sounds as though you have neither of these options, and I would suggest getting a weed hatch welded into the tube to enable the job to be easily done in future. This will necessitate lifting the bow out of the water (or the whole boat). In the short term an underwater camera probe might enable inspection to see if the anode needs replacing, a necessity since the boat is kept in seawater.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.30PM, Friday 5 September

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