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Repairs to fridge

Our Electrolux 3fuel fridge still works on electricity but has stopped working on gas, even though the pilot works ok. The appliance is quite old, what are the chances of getting the gas cooling working again?

Asked by: John Rich  | 9.01pm, Wednesday 24 September

WW says:

It sounds as though the heat exchanger that transmits the heat from the gas flame to the refrigerant gas has failed. Since the fridge still works using the electric heater, this indicates that the refrigerant gas is still doing its job, merely that it is not being heated properly by the gas flame. I think it is unlikely that you would find someone to repair it and that you should consider an alternative.
Modern low voltage compressor fridges are an efficient alternative, especially if coupled to a solar panel to keep the batteries topped up. Many people who have changed from a gas fridge to electric find their gas bottles last much longer. It is surprising how much gas the small flame powering a fridge can consume as it is on 24/7. It is important to have all gas appliances checked regularly to minimise the risk from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.20PM, Thursday 25 September

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