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Diesel tank capacity.

Hi Guys,
I have just purchased some Exorcet Marine Fuel Conditioner and I need a guide to the capacity of my 57 foot boat diesel tank to work out how much Exzorcet to use. Just a guide would be helpful, thanks in advance.

Asked by: Trevor Smith  | 5.41pm, Saturday 11 October

WW says:

You could measure the tank and work out the volume, however a fairly standard guide would be 40gallons (around 180 litres) for a typical narrowboat tank- so dosing for around 200 litre would be sensible...
Before adding any fuel conditioner, I would suggest that you drain any water from the fuel tank and both primary fuel filter and engine mounted fuel filter to avoid any gross emulsions being formed which could be drawn into the fuel system.

Mark Langley  | 6.14PM, Saturday 11 October

Hopefully there will be a drain somewhere on the tank- otherwise it can be an issue. Tilting the boat towards the filler cap, so that water collects that side of the tank can allow you to use a simple hand pump to remove it. Otherwise, the only possible way is to insert thin water absorbing "socks" which can be left in for 24hours and removed- small ones take out about 150ml of water each- but a bottom drain is preferable. I have removed over 20litres of water from some boats diesel tanks before!

Mark Langley  | 10.03PM, Saturday 11 October

Readers say:

Thanks Mark. The primary fuel filter was cleaned out a few weeks ago and the engine fuel filter changed. I do not know how to drain the water from the main diesel tank.

Trevor Smith  | 7.35PM, Saturday 11 October

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